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My kitchen needs ventilation

My partner is an interesting woman. She gets legitimately interested in uncommon hobbies, plus there’s no reeling him back in once the obsession has started. For instance, he’s enjoys nice coffee, and can tell you anything about the process of aging plus roasting the beans of all odd varieties. She also likes good whiskey plus travels the countryside to find rare bottles in small neighborhood liquor stores. Her other substantial passion in life is cooking, plus let me tell you, she has talent for days. He’s an amazing chef, plus most people tells him she needs to cook professionally. I’m lucky to reap some of the benefits of her cooking interest with gourmet meals every night! The only concern is, our entryway is not equipped for all of her heavy duty cooking, and we desperately need a modern ventilation system. The modern entryway fan hardly makes a difference when she is cooking on the stovetop. The indoor air gets thick with smoke plus noxious fumes of warm peppers plus peppers. The tiny stove top fan can’t possible funnel all of that spicy air out of the room as fast as the contaminated indoor air is created! That’s why I am convinced that both of us need to have a powerful ventilation fan installed, plus to include an media air cleaner for better HVAC air filtration. I think it will be an pricey Heating plus A/C upgrade, but I think it will pay off in the long run by saving our lungs from permanent mangle via smoke inhalation!

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