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My two buddies and I all rent an apartment right by our school, however the apartment only had two bedrooms and a big basement. We all wanted the basement since it would be the biggest room with the most privacy; I ended up getting that room though. Now living in the basement, I realize that I did not get as lucky as I thought; first, the basement has no windows which means no ventilation. I have no access to any of the clean outdoor air. I never get any sunlight. I also do not know what the weather is until I leave the basement. Second, the basement is way too moist, and humidity conditions are just terrible. The air quality always feels wet and it sticks to my skin. My skin regularly has tons of breakouts, my sheets are a disaster, and the walls even have moisture on them. Reason three, due to the wet air, mold is growing in the basement. Mold growth is the absolute worst thing for your lungs. I am super anxious about getting sick. I have attempted cleaning and drying out my space, however nothing has fixed it. I then later researched on what is necessary when your air quality is too moist. I discovered that in order to remove the excess moisture, you need to use a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier removes all the extra moisture from your inside air conditions. It keeps the air quality extremely dry and will halt all mold growth from occurring. I don’t even care what the cost is, I need a dehumidifier immediately.

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