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I think I made a good choice

My husband, Mitch, and I live in an area where the temperature becomes very cold starting in the fall. During the winter the temperatures fall into the negatives so a proper heating system is imperative. Mitch and I, on the other hand, do not have a nice heating system. Our furnace is over forty years old and it barely pumps out any heat during the cold seasons when we need it. Luckily Mitch and I often work all day in heated buildings so comfortable heat during the day in our house is not a necessity. Unfortunately, during the nights, we would prefer if we had a nice warm temperature when we eat and when we sleep. This is why Mitch and I recently invested in a new HVAC system. This last summer we called up our local HVAC provider and they installed a new HVAC system which hooked up right to our existing vents. While they were at our house we also had them clean our vents since we haven’t done that in a while. This fall we really saw a complete difference; when it got even slightly cold, our HVAC system kicked on and maintained the warm temperature whereas our old furnace would have never been able to do that. In the winter we never had to wear heavy clothing in the house since the HVAC system kept the house at nice comfortable seventy-five degrees. Now that our house is heated properly we don’t mind actually taking days off to relax properly. With our new HVAC system, we understand the importance of having a working form of heat to warm your house. We have also scheduled yearly HVAC system servicing from our HVAC providers so we never lose our heat when we need it.

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