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The last thing you want to have a plumbing drainage problem with when you have a whole bunch of merrymakers over is your garbage disposal in your family room sink! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to me last weekend when both of us had a get together at our residence. The whole entire apartment was full of merrymakers & I was scheduled doing the waiter thing – you know, getting more drinks & little snack items & cleaning up plates & cups & silverware when the merrymakers were done with them. Well, as you can imagine, the sink was filling up pretty fast with all of those merrymakers around. So I decided to go ahead & load the dishwasher & turn it on while almost everyone was still there. Unfortunately, once I got it filled up & pushed the on button, all of a abrupt the garbage disposal side of the sink started slowly filling up with some yucky looking dirty water. I started to panic & I turned the switch for the disposal off & on about a dozen times. It made a sound as if it were working, but none of the water went down the drain on that side of the sink. As it got closer & closer to flowing out of the sink, I yelled out, “Is there a plumber here?” & as luck would have it, one of our guests was definitely a professional plumber with his own plumbing business! He ran to me, instantly tested the problem as a clogged drain in the kitchen sink, & ran to his truck to get the tool to repair the issue. I was so overcome with relief to see that water going back down the drain and was so happy to meet a new plumber!

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