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The last thing you want to have a plumbing drainage problem with when you have a whole bunch of people over is your garbage disposal in your kitchen sink! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to me last weekend when we had a party at our house. The whole entire house was full of people and I was busy doing the hostess thing – you know, refilling drinks and snacks and cleaning up plates and cups and silverware when people were done with them. Well, as you can imagine, the sink was filling up pretty fast with all of those people around. So I decided to go ahead and load the dishwasher and run it while everyone was still there. Unfortunately, once I got it filled up and pushed start, all of a sudden the garbage disposal side of the sink started slowly filling up with some yucky looking dirty water. I started to panic and I turned the switch for the disposal off and on a few times. It made a sound like it was running, but none of the water went down the drain for the sink. As it got closer and closer to overflowing the sink, I yelled out, “Is there a plumber in the house?” and as luck would have it, one of our guests was actually a professional plumber with his own plumbing business! He ran into the kitchen, immediately diagnosed the problem as a clogged kitchen plumbing drain, and ran to his truck to get the tool to fix the issue. I was so relieved to see that water going back down the drain!

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