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My heating bills have honestly gotten out of control

We have just purchased a rental property along the lake upstate and knew that every one of us would use it for a few weeks out of the year ourselves too. It would be such a wonderful way to have a holiday property that paid for itself. We made sure to have is furnished with just about everything an occupant would need with the exception of their food and linens. Every one of us even purchased kayaks for the lake that they could use. We only used the property in what would be considered the “off season” because we didn’t want to limit the occupants from their choices during busy holiday times. Since the weather was consistently mild while every one of us were there, every one of us were able to have the windows and doors open.  Every one of us seldom used the HVAC system.  If every one of us did turn on the heat or air conditioning it was only while every one of us were sleeping.  For this reason, every one of us never noticed the problem with the windows.  We started getting bills for the utilities used during our rental stay and couldn’t recognize how high they were. When our brother went to check it out he found that the Heating and A/C method was running almost non stop, he inspected the thermostat and it seemed fine.  He then noticed a really cold draft come in and found that the windows were not sealed officially. The Heating and A/C method was running so hard because the cold air from outside was penetrating the windows. Every one of us called a local corporation to repair the problem and then had the HVAC inspected for any damages.  Every one of us figured it had been finally working so hard that every one of us might as well have it tuned up and make sure it wasn’t injured.

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