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I got a tip from a few guys

I am an engineer by trade but an avid car enthusiast during my off hours and I tell you what, I would have been a mechanic for a living if it paid just a little better. I enjoy fiddling around with all of my cars to increase performance or luxury depending on which car I’m laboring on. I have 5 with 2 being for racing and the others for everyday use. I have built a several car garage out of a seasoned barn design so I would be able to do work in peace and away from the elements. However, even though it is an enclosed building that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get frigid during the winter. I have quite a few of those jet air gas furnaces to help keep it sizzling but they can only do so much. Next, I had the thought to just go ahead and put in an actual oil furnace. I called up a local Heating, Ventilation and A/C company and had an estimate done. Astonishingly for the cost I was better off going with a gas furnace than sticking with all the portable heaters. I even had a nice open space along the backside of the garage where they could run a huge vent through to get heat to every area. It entirely worked out well and I even tipped the 2 guys from the Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor who came out and installed everything. They also gave me a nice tutorial so I would be able to diagnose and service a variety of complications saving me money on servicer calls.

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