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That vacation was so enjoyable

I was raised in the far north and have lived here my entire life. It’s a nice atmosphere, with good scenic views, and is all around my sort of location. One thing in particular that can honestly get on your nerves though is the Wintertime weather. I’m not talking about a mild Wintertime with a couple of storms here and there dropping a bit of snow on the ground; I’m talking about those winters that never cease to end with blizzard after blizzard hammering you again and again until you just can’t take it anymore. That has been this Wintertime for us and I am so over it. Fortunately, I’m not a child anymore and I can do something about it. I labor from my condo so I have mobility that others do not when it comes to where I am working from. That being said, I just packed up the youngsters and rented a household down south for the next couple of months. They are 2 and 3 years old so there’s no issue over school yet. I left the temperature control set at 50 degrees to keep the location moderate enough so the pipes wouldn’t freeze, made sure the cabinets were barren of food, and off we went. The first enormous difference I noticed down south is being revitalized from all the extra sun I’ve been absorbing. My vitamin D levels haven’t been this high in such a long while. Also having to use the A/C to keep cool is rather amusing to me. Seriously, who wants to be cool?

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