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I had a nice warm cup of coffee

Just the other week, we experienced a terrible blizzard that came through our territory covering the land in a few feet of snow along with ice and high winds. It’s a most unfortunate thing with this area that in the Winter it can get pretty brutal at times. The summers are nice and mild and I live in the foothills of a mountain with absolutely charming scenery. The mountains also look charming covered in snow, it’s just a shame it all doesn’t stay up there instead of coming down to us. Anyway, the storm had hit us incredibly hard and left power lines frozen in the ditch, impassable roads, and gave us a lot of digging to do. I was out for a few hours the morning after the storm just making the sidewalk and driveway usable once again. It was incredibly frosty even though I was bundled up quite well against it, however, no matter how many layers of clothes you have on that sort of freezing weather will get you after a while and indoor breaks are typically needed. Stepping inside to the sizzling blast of air provided by the wood fireplace was something like heaven… Well that and a nice sizzling mug of coffee brewing on the stove. I don’t need a furnace because my locale is quite small and the fireplace is more than adequate. I prefer to rest sipping my coffee while looking out at the wilderness surrounding me. It is so cathartic and awe inspiring… Of course it’s not so much so when you know you have to go back out there to shovel a great deal of snow.

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