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This is a warm bed

There are numerous reasons I moved out West. The biggest reason is because of the weather, and I love the sunshine… Being able to get it almost every single afternoon is such a thrill and an absolute delight for me. Being able to reliably count on it being an appealing afternoon is such a pleasure. When it’s an appealing afternoon outside, I just feel a great deal better and I’m able to feel more positive and glad. I guess it’s infectious as well. Other people get to feeling the same way and when the happiness is spread around, it’s just a plague of happiness that spreads just like wildfire. I try to explain this to all of my friends and family back at the beach condo but they just don’t understand. However, another wonderful aspect of living out West that I love is the exceptional air quality. You can just roll down the windows while driving and really feel the fresh, crisp mountain air. There’s nothing else like it. When I’m riding with a friend or in an uber, I’ll always roll down the windows whenever possible. They’ll almost always ask, “do you want me to turn on the a/c?” To which I’ll reply something along the lines of preferring nature’s cooling over that artificial cooling. Usually they’ll smile and understand but some people truly don’t get it. But that’s where my happiness and positivity shines through. I just have a great time no matter what! I love it out here and I’ll never live anywhere else as long as I can decide. Granted, I’ll visit my family out East for the holidays; begrudgingly, at least.

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