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I’m choosing the cooling unit

My sibling as well as I used to argument non-stop, and I sincerely think it was just because she wanted to argue. I never considered her to be a drama queen however after hearing some of the things she is fighting for, I’m really starting to think the opposite. I’ll want something a particular way as well as she comes instantly after, saying she wants pretty much the opposite. I’ll ask why she wants it that way, as well as she has literally no reasoning for it every single time. I explain my reasoning for my choice as well as she just remains totally stubborn, saying she wants the complete opposite, no matter what it happens to be. It entirely drives me crazy! Worst of all, she’s the younger one so our parents regularly get her what she wants. For instance, I’ll tell her I want the a/c to be on so I can comfortably sleep in the night time. It’s almost as if she’s just trying to annoy me. She’ll reply saying that she sleeps better with the heating on, but I know for a fact that’s not the case! When we were young, before she started this arguing stuff, she regularly preferred to have the a/c on too! Maybe someone replaced her with an argumentative doppelganger that just disagrees with anyone as well as most people around her! In any case it easily upset me enough to talk our parents into considering Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C zone control. I really can only sleep with a/c switched on… Zone Control allows us to modify our settings individually. She can get her heating as well as I can get my a/c. Of course I know… once she realizes she’s not getting a rise out of me any longer, she’ll choose a/c too!

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