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Every so often things just happen to play out in the best way possible, plus I’m actually left wondering what sneaky little guardian angel was sitting on our shoulder that day. For instance, I’ll possibly head out to a busy city establishment with great trepidation about finding a parking spot upon arrival, only to pull up right as someone happens to exit a primo parking location. I can’t help but feel blessed as I enjoy my VIP treatment walking into the restaurant. Or maybe I’ll remember to accomplish a very important, however overlooked task, right as the important moment arrives. Then I luckily find myself on the favorable end of what could have been a complete and total disaster. One great example of this scenario would be getting our oil furnace fully professionally diagnosed last October. See, the heating plus cooling proposal never had an established a schedule for having the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C components professionally maintained. Because the Winter weather was arriving rather slowly last year, I hardly even thought about using the heating proposal at all. One day, it abruptly dawned on me out of the blue that both of us really should have the oil furnace plus HVAC duct checked out before using the heating implements for Winter season. Totally by chance, I just so happened to see an ad for a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C dealership in town that was running a great deal on routine service packages for new customers. On a whim, I hired them for servicing our outdated forced air oil furnace. Turns out, it’s a wonderful thing I did, because no more than one day later the air temperature plummeted below freezing. The two of us were able to safely operate our old oil furnace in the nick of time.

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