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It’s not very cool in here

When I was just twelve, I spent the Summer at Camp Crystal Lake. Later on, I would find out that name was shared by a camp in a well known horror movie about a murderer, which I am unquestionably glad I didn’t actually know at the time! I have some pretty superb memories of the people I met that summer, but overall there were a lot of downside aspects to it as well. In fact, it was one of those things that I remember rather fondly, but I hated it at the time. I shared a lodge with fifteen other boys, & we spent the whole summer cooped up together with no AC. Talk about your cruel & unusual punishment. It was the middle of Summer & we were all trapped with no cooling system. The chow tent, or cafeteria, was one of the only places within the whole camp that was legitimately blessed with an AC. Every kid in camp was constantly eager to go & eat, because even when the food was terrible, there was constantly the AC to enjoy. No matter what meal it was, we all counted down the hours to the next time we could go bask in the AC for even a little while. All of us also went swimming in the lake as much as we could, because it was the only form of natural cooling available to the lot of us. When it was finally over, I rushed to our parent’s car as soon as it pulled up, only to find out that the car’s AC had been broken! Just like our camp, the car ride wasn’t that cool at all.

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