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About several years ago, my hubby and I experienced a bad home fire.  The two of us live in the northeastern US and it can get pretty cold in the winter.  Our fire was in the first week of April.  The two of us stood outside and cried as we tried to figure out what to do with what little bit we had left.  The two of us were given a house until we could rebuild our own home, but we had 1 major problem.  In the midst of the injury, our aquarium and most of the coral reef, survived.  The two of us knew that it needed to have steady hot and cold temperatures of over 76, so for 1 solid week, we had a generator going.  The two of us needed to make sure the furnaces were working as strong as they could to keep the coral alive.  The two of us soon got located into the house and we were given permission to put an aquarium inside, to keep the coral alive.  The two of us were so grateful that there was such a great HVAC method inside.  The two of us had 1 room that could be closed off, because we had zone control.  The two of us kept that room at 76, to help offset the furnaces that we had used for almost a week.  The move was rough on some of our corals, but most of them survived.  When we rebuilt the house, we opted for the best HVAC method we could get.  The two of us wanted to make sure we had zone control, and whatever room we designated as the fish room, would be able to be kept warmer than the rest of the house.  The two of us were so glad to have learned about zone control when we were in the last place.

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