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The summer weather is getting ugly

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool off, I am finding that I can breathe much better.  The heat is entirely terrible for my asthma, plus it also causes some entirely weird things to happen to my feet.  Once the temperatures go over 75, I earn Fred Flintstone feet.  Gone are the ladylike ankles, plus on come the cavemen clubs.  My air conditioner helps to alleviate a lot of the discomfort, but I like when it gets cooler, plus I don’t have to worry.  I can limit the amount of heating from my gas furnace.  I just keep the thermostat set at a steady 67t, plus for about many months, I have slim ankles plus legs.  I can’t limit the amount of heat that is provided by the sun.  People tell me how much they love to be out in the summer.  I hide inside.  It isn’t just the swelling in my legs plus feet, but I break out in the most horrendous plus ugly rash, wherever the sun touches.  Without the a/c, I don’t breathe well.  Without the a/c, I swell up like a tic on a pet.  Without the a/c, I look like I have a dire case of the measles.  Ask me why a/c is so pressing, plus I’ll show you pictures.  I’ve considered moving to the far north, however my partner just shakes his head.  He appreciates the southeastern section of the country plus his gardening every summer.  I love him, so I think I will just make sure my a/c idea is working well, long before it is needed.

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