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Why are the windows so tiny

The port holes on the titanic sparked a long flowing obsession in myself and others when I first saw the movies about that ship, but i thought that port holes were the neatest thing in the world; My mother even agreed to paint some on our walls & curtains so I could make believe that I was a passenger and just enjoy the characters in those movies. My parents easily assumed it was a phase but here I am, a homeowner & adult, who built her own home with nothing but port holes for windows, but the best part is the port holes were genuinely harvested from the hull of an outdated ship! Another nice bonus of these tiny windows is that our Heating & Air Conditioning plan barely ever needs to run. The insulation of the home is already genuinely good, but the a/c has genuinely little work to do thanks to the nice port holes only letting in a little sunlight. The gas furnace also experiences genuinely little opposition since they are double pane glass. In fact, the outdated fireplace does most of the heating in the frigid winter! We occasionally simply run the Heating & Air Conditioning plan for the sole purpose of not allowing it to get rusty from all the idling. Perhaps this climate control perk is just the thing that will make porthole windows popular someday! As the cost of heating & cooling rises, people are going to start looking for more cost efficient & energy efficient methods… to which I say, think outside of the box! Don’t worry too much about your Heating & Air Conditioning system, but rather focus on what is toiling with or against your climate control efforts.

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