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Need better air quality this time

This Thanksgiving is looking like it will be one for the books so to speak. I am hosting this year, and to make matters worse, we’re dealing with heating as well as A/C problems, as well as an extreme chilly cold front is expected to roll in the day before the holiday and will be a headache! My wife as well as I are uneasy since all the heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning maintenance specialists from the HVAC corporation are off for the holiday, as well as we don’t want to spend a fortune on emergency repairs – on a holiday weekend, at that! We figured we could just run some space heaters in each room of the house to improve the air quality indoors, but we imagine that the convection process will cause the humidity in the air to dissipate. Then, we’re just dealing with an incredibly dry indoor air quality that causes our skin to crack and bleed! Finally, my wife and I had to just go outside the box to figure out how we were going to heat the house, as well as we concluded that we’ll just need to be cooking all day long. Why? Simple, and that is because the radiant heat coming from the stovetop as well as oven will spread out from the kitchen to the living room as well as into the rest of the house. We’ll also use oscillating fans to help disperse heat out from the kitchen and living room, so that way my wife as well as I aren’t dying from heat exhaustion in an effort to heat the house! I suppose our families will end up enjoying it this way even more, as they often complained about my sister’s apartment they usually go to as well as how boiling hot it regularly was in her place.

Our holiday heater and a/c plan

Thanksgiving is almost here and one thing I’m not too happy about this year is that our sister agreed to host Thanksgiving for our family, as well as it’s no secret that her home is always stuffy, warm and it seems to have a poor smell that won’t quit, however my sister was super excited, so I tried to let it slide, be quiet as well as make the most of what was surely going to be a miserable thanksgiving dinner for me. Imagine my shock when I pulled up to her home on Thanksgiving day, braced myself for the over hot home, as well as walked in – only to find the air was crisp, cool as well as clean dna smelling fresh. I was over the moon – but really confused! I was at my sister’s home only a month prior, as well as it was nothing like this what so ever! I asked my sister before Thanksgiving dinner began, crucial her to find out how she pulled a change on her home’s indoor air quality; She smiled, explaining that it was all part of the plan to host Thanksgiving. In the timespan of a month or so, my sister hired an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C specialist to thoroughly cleanse the ductwork of the house, wipe as well as clean the central air conditioning system, as well as install an air purification system to ensure the home maintains a clean, fresh scent. I was extremely impressed! I couldn’t really believe how much better her indoor air quality was after only a month as well as various Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C repairs. If she can afford to get her Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C method cleaned up like that as well as upgraded, surely I could find the funds to have a media air cleaner installed at my own home as well.

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The heater in the hotel

The holidays are fast approaching; While I enjoy the season of sleigh bells and snowfall, there are parts of the coming holiday festivities that I’m not exactly a big fan of dealing with. For one, I’ve never actually enjoyed snowy weather! I know, I’m a poor excuse for a Northerner. I am just sick of driving in it all Winter long! I guess I might just do what I did last year, rather than spend another holiday season up North with my family, huddled together in front of a fire in the fireplace as the gas furnace failed and my electrical equipment shut off due to a power outage. My wife and I took two full weeks off from work and flew down South for the holidays instead! Let me say, I was pleased with our decision. It felt so alien to go and relax in eighty-degree weather during what was normally the coldest time of the year, even though I didn’t mind turning to the air conditioner in our AirBnB to keep us cool and comfortable during our time down South. We also stayed in this cute beachside town, where virtually everything we needed was within a few miles of the place where we were shacked up for the trip. The holidays were such a treat, as we’d go to the beach during the day, then come back to our rental home and relax in the excellent air conditioner as we listened to Christmas tunes on the stereo. People all around us said we were crazy for wanting to be here instead of up North for the holidays. I’d love to see those people keep their holiday cheer in sub-zero weather! Especially when the weather is so unforgiving, you end up losing power and subsequently, your heating sources fail you. A Christmas without proper heating or A/C  for days on end is a Christmas from Hell!

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HVAC home security

I would be willing to go out on a limb here, and say that I tend to be… well, defensive, when it comes to my family, I often go into high-security mode as soon as we step outside, it can be a challenge for me to relax and have some fun with my child and my wife, as I’m always spinning my head around and looking for anyone that gets too close. The sad thing is, we live in a lovely, quiet little city – there isn’t a soul around who would harm us, as we all know each other pretty well in this city! Still, my watchful nature is just part of who I am. This extends to my care for my home, and all the appliances contained within. My HVAC equipment is no exception to this rule, as I’ve scrutinized virtually every moving part of the HVAC equipment installed in our home! If the air conditioner system begins to blow hot air, I know that the air compressor outside may have frozen over, so I quickly shut the air conditioner system down and turn on the fan function to help the equipment defrost. If the furnace in the basement starts to compromise our air quality by pouring air with a burnt scent into the house, I move faster than lightning to shut the equipment off and inspect the furnace filters, and the firebox of the furnace itself, you might know I’m being too tedious with my beach house appliances. These measures have saved my family and I from terribly uncomfortable weekends indoors, as the HVAC unit has never been out of commission for more than 24 minutes! It pays to be aware of your appliances and their health!

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Need to work on the heater

You guess what I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving? Having access to millions of how-to videos for any repair around the condo. I swear, there isn’t a single leaky pipe, squeaky floorboard, or greasy living room exhaust fan that I can’t repair or clean. But still,  I can’t take all the credit for being able to handle those repairs around the condo. The Internet’s has awesome streaming websites that supply countless videos that show you how to handle these repairs yourself. It didn’t used to be this simple though – I have not so fond memories of trying to change my oil when I was twenty years old, plus wasting half of a weekend trying to do it myself! In the end, it cost me almost double what it would’ve cost to just hire a professional to handle our oil change… See, that’s the opposite side of DIY projects – you have to guess when to count the battle as lost, plus trust an expert to handle it! That’s what happened to me last fall… I felt it was due time to learn how to handle the semi annual heating plus air conditioner preventive repair. I figured it couldn’t be too strenuous – I already had the essential tools, or so I thought, so I said “why not?” Well, the cause for “why not” was much greater than I realized. First off, there’s legitimately particular temperature settings that are necessary to ensure the heating plus air conditioners toil as they should! If the air condenser isn’t using enough freon to freeze the inbound air, the air becomes too hot. If there is too much freon in the system, the air condenser is too cold, plus the compressor freezes over – then it’s nothing but warm air coming from the air conditioning unit! That’s just a taste of the particulars that you have to be knowledgeable about for these repairs. If that alone makes you wary, just call a professional. Ignorance is bliss!

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Ductless cooling in the micro brew

The other day, my friends and I went to a microbrewery for the first time! None of us knew what to expect; we were told it’s more of a tasting experience than anything else. Yet as it turns out, this particular microbrewery was also a brewpub! It was an incredibly cozy little area; there was a small bar near the front of the facility that served their brews. Aside from the fairly cheap beers, the spacious room was excellently air conditioned. While the rest of the facility had the same aroma of hops lingering around, this room didn’t stick; it was fresh and neutral. I looked around the room to locate the a/c vents, but couldn’t find one somewhere! That’s when I noticed the fairly small air handler and control machine on the wall beside the bar. When I went up to get another pint, I asked the bartender if that was the only thing keeping this room so comfortable and cool. “Yep,” she answered, “that’s the beauty of a ductless mini-split system!” I had never heard of one before. Maybe she was still talking about the brewing vats?I pressed on, asking what she meant by “ductless mini-split”. Well, that’s the name of the a/c they had running for the room! Intended for a single space or a small home, the ductless mini-split is a minimally invasive system for providing heating and a/c functions. My curiosity led me to do more research on these Heating and A/C systems, and they sound attractively efficient and cost-effective! I live in a pretty small town house, too – maybe a ductless mini-split system would be a fine change for the town house?

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HVAC zone control in the little hotel

When you run a Bed & Breakfast from out of your house, there’s always something going on. Luckily for me, I’m a woman who really loves people; I enjoy having all of this company all the times. There’s always guests going in & out, breakfast to be made, dogs barking, & all kinds of things like that! If I didn’t like talking to people & hanging out with them, all of that interest would entirely be a big issue! The only part of running a Bed & Breakfast that I entirely don’t love is the part where I have to be in charge of the heating, ventilation & A/C system for the B&B. Last year, I gave up & had zone control heating, ventilation & A/C system installed in the second and third story part of the home where all of my guest rooms are located. It just got to be too much for myself and the staff to handle on our own. See, every single guest that comes in seems to want the oil furnace or the central air conditioning system set to their own standards & to their own preferred temperatures. While I can understand that, it still is my own personal living quarters as well. So I don’t want to be too cold or too hot. I legitimately like being in control of my own thermostat, if you know what I mean! That’s why I decided to call my local Heating & A/C supplier & see if they had any advice for me. They couldn’t suggest zone control heating, ventilation & A/C system fast enough. They entirely said that for my concern with the Bed & Breakfast, zone control heating, ventilation & A/C system was legitimately the only way to go.

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I don’t really hate this idea

When it comes to living up North, the farther up you go the cooler the Winters are going to be. If you do not have a good heating system in place, it’s going to be a long, costly Winter.  I remember one Winter I was on break from school. Felt great to be able to go home and spend time with my family. However, two days after getting home the heating system went out in our house.  I couldn’t believe in the dead of Winter our furnace decided to stop working, and I started to panic. So, we called the only person in our family that knew about furnace repairs, my brother in law.  When he got to the house, he went down to the basement where the furnace was to see if he could figure out what was going on. He noticed the furnace’s ignition switch for the pilot light wasn’t working correctly.  We were going to have to call in a furnace repair technician to fix it. So we went online and found a reputable HVAC business. They would send an HVAC technician out the next day to get our furnace serviced. We discussed getting a room somewhere that had a working heating system for the night, but we rather save the money for the heater repair that we needed.  We bundled up as best we could and even went out to buy some electric heating blankets. The HVAC technician came the next morning and confirmed it was the furnace’s ignition switch. He made quicktime with the heater repair which we were very thankful for. I didn’t realize how much not having a good heating system in your home can affect our lives.

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I am looking for a new heater

You know winter is right around the corner and there are things we need to do to get prepared.  One of them is to make sure to service your heater before the season is upon you. Reason being, the last thing you want is for the first blast of cold air to come over the mountains and your heater or furnace isn’t working correctly.  Also, by doing this due diligence getting your heater serviced before a possible emergency situation, you will be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run. Here are a few things you can do to get your heater or furnace working it’s best before the winter blast.  First is to just turn on the thermostat. Seems simple enough, but, you want to make sure your heater is working and blowing hot air. Second, make sure to check all the air filters your heater may have. You may have filters in your heaters grill, your ceiling, or wall vents.  Some people prefer to try and save some money by washing these heater filters out instead of replacing them. I say just replace them. You don’t know what has been building up inside those filters over the year and you’re breathing this stuff in. Make sure to check the furnace flue, contact a professional to clean your chimney, and test your carbon monoxide detectors.  If you have a furnace that uses oil, be sure to check and replace your filter if needed. Be sure as well to take a peek at the tank level while you’re there. If for any reason you find your heating unit is not working properly, you may need to contact an HVAC technician or a heater repair company to come out and find what’s wrong.

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I figured it out

When we were having dinner the other weekend with my in-laws, it was a very awkward situation as usual. We don’t really get along all that well for the most part. It seems that my in-laws are always trying to get under my skin. Well I should have known better but when my father in law said he could fix my HVAC system, I decided to let him have at it. I really shouldn’t have let him mess with it because I honestly didn’t notice any problems and it was the right temperature on the thermostat. He insisted the the air quality was terrible and the system needed a tune-up. Well, I don’t know what he did to the system but it wasn’t working at all after he worked on it. I highly suspect that he sabotaged the system on purpose just to make me even more angry and frustrated. I had to call out an HVAC technician for emergency repair service because of this! The HVAC technician was asking what we did to the HVAC system because it was in real bad shape. I explained to him what happened with my father in-law. He said that guy must hate me or something because it seemed like he mangled the system on purpose. He had to install a bunch of new parts and on top of the emergency repair fee, I ended up paying a fortune for this repair! When I called up my father in-law to complain about what he did, he acted like he was completely innocent. He acted like he did me a favor and was mad that I was angry with him for lending me a hand.

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Heater ruining us

Sometimes when I’m sick, being able to get nice plus warm is the only thing that takes the chill away. Heating up your body isn’t as easy to do as it usually is when you’re sick with a fever and shivering. Last time I got absolutely sick was back in the end of winter. I must have had some strain of the flu, plus it was not pretty! I basically thought I might die, I felt so terrible. I had our heating pad all warmed up, however I still wasn’t able to get warm, despite the fact that I was trying to sleep with our heating pad right on top of our feet. Next, I turned the electric fireplace on plus snuggled up next to it, however even the fireplace didn’t do the job of making me assume any cozier or warmer. I absolutely didn’t want to adjust the thermostat because of this flu; I had been trying to save currency on our heating plus a/c bill. However I finally gave up… I shuffled over to the thermostat control that is on the wall in our hallway. I adjusted the thermostat plus turned the heating all the way up as far as it would go. As soon as our oil boiler system finally kicked on plus the heating started coming in through the HVAC duct, it felt heavenly to me. I was so tired plus chilly that I went plus passed out right on top of the air ducts in the living room plus slept there with the comforter on me for over three hours! Finally, our heating plan did what nothing else could. I’m so thankful for our Heating plus Air Conditioning plan when I’m feeling sick.

Hoping to have great indoor air conditions

I meet with my buddy at the Coke shop often. He had a thing about drinking a lot of caffeine. I didn’t drink the stuff nearly as much, just when it is needed to wake up… Well, I was starting to understand why he enjoyed this 1 Coke shop so much–they had excellent air quality as well as their climate control settings were absolutely perfect it seemed. When it was chilly outside, it would be nice as well as toasty inside. When it was blazing hot, it would be perfectly chilled. One time, I asked the owner about his secret to great air quality. He seemed satisfied that I recognized the excellent air quality as well as so he told myself and my buddy the secret. He said that he had a quality uv air purification plan installed, so it cleaned the air as well as killed viruses as well as bacteria. I thought that sounded lovely as well as wished I had something enjoy that in my own condo. He went on to say that he had an absolutely nice humidifier to keep the humidity levels just right. Plus, he only used HEPA air filters in the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system. The Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C plan was taken care of respectfully as well as the ductwork was cleaned twice per year keeping the air quality absolutely nice. I was impressed by hearing all of this as well as was thinking that by following the same steps, anybody could have excellent air quality in their own condos. Of course that all sounded rather costly, but I’m sure people could get on an Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C plan service idea for a better deal.

air purification

Changing my air conditioning filter

I was watching this thriller with some friends in my house. The movie I thought was really messed up because this killer actually killed his own family. He was telling the cop when he was in prison that he was going to get him. He said something along the lines of he killed his own family so he wouldn’t hesitate to go after him and his family. While we were watching the movie, I noticed that the house was warming up a little bit. I went to check on the temperature control and came to find that the cooling system wasn’t working. The temperature was rising and I knew it was really hot outside. No matter what I tried, I was unable to get the climate control system to kick back on. I knew that I had no choice but to call up the HVAC company. The HVAC technician arrived to my house promptly. He seen the movie we were watching and he commented that he hated that movie but said he wouldn’t spoil it for anybody. I agreed with him that the movie was really messed up and showed the man to the HVAC equipment. He worked on the system for a little while and impressively, he had the cooling system up and running again within 20 minutes. I was so pleased with the fix, that I gave the HVAC technician a nice tip. He wished me luck with finishing that movie and I just gave him a smile and he went on his way. The technician was right, that was one of the worst endings to a movie that I have ever seen.


Pets and air filters

I must say that I was shocked when our neighbor’s son was telling my boyfriend and I that he wanted to work on our Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. I had heard he was attending a trade school to become Heating as well as Air Conditioning certified. But still, I wasn’t confident that I wanted our Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan to be his guinea pig… Then I figured what was the worst that could happen, so I let him have at it! He entirely taught me a few things. He pointed out that I wasn’t changing the air filter often enough. He was telling me that it must be changed at least every other month. He said that if I started using HEPA air filters, I could change those every 3 months. I didn’t even recognize what a HEPA air filter was to be honest– they must be the more high-priced air filters. He showed me how to clean the outdoor a/c condenser unit as well as also the inner entirely workings of the equipment. His knowledge honestly was benefiting me, plus this was all interesting stuff. By the time the two of us were all done with cleaning everything out, the a/c was entirely working better than it ever had! I then told our neighbor’s kid that if he felt the need to practice later on with our Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment, he was more than welcome with the good work he did there. He said that I should entirely get our ductwork cleaned out soon, however he didn’t have the tools to do that. So basically I would just have to call up the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier for that, but it would be well worth it because the Heating as well as Air Conditioning would run more efficiently with clean ductwork. He also pointed out that it would likely make our energy bill go down too.

HVAC tune up

A very nice system

Something that I had to learn the hard way was changing the air conditioning filter too late. I figured the filter would probably last longer than what they say. They always say to change out the air conditioning filter at least once per month. I figured mine could probably last the whole summer season without any problems. Well, I was dead wrong because near the end of the warm season, my system entirely failed. I came to find from the HVAC technician that came over for repairs, that my system overheated. He said it was definitely because I failed to change the air conditioning filter! He said the filter was so clogged up, that it was obvious it was the culprit behind the overheated A/C system. He said that I was lucky because it could have been worse. He instructed me to immediately change out the air conditioning filter before I turned the A/C back on. He also recommended the HEPA filters because they worked a whole lot better than the cheap filters. They would improve the air quality in my home and keep my system a whole lot cleaner also. He also let me know that it wouldn’t hurt to get my ductwork cleaned too. I suppose he knew that if I failed to change my air conditioning filter, it also made sense that I probably never bothered to have the ductwork cleaned either. If he was thinking that, he was definitely right because I’m sure that I have never had the ductwork cleaned for as long as I’ve lived in this house.

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The huge window a/c

I knew it was going to be temporary when I moved into this lousy apartment. However at least that is what I kept telling myself. Unfortunately the units don’t have a cooling plan so I had to purchase a single of those cheap window a/c units. I was in a rush to install it so I didn’t even put all the screws in–I later would learn this was a large mistake. Then well, the cooling plan worked alright, however I absolutely should have secured it better into the window. I came home from work one afternoon. When I went to turn the a/c, I was shocked to find the window was broken in addition to the a/c component was gone. I was multiple floors up in addition to if that component just fell out of the window… it crashed down hard. I looked out the window to see there were pieces on the ground, however the main piece was gone. I was thinking if that thing absolutely landed on someone, they could have died. I didn’t see any blood or anything on the sidewalk down below, so I figured I was in the clear of having killed somebody from my own laziness. I called a repairman to service the window in addition to decided that I had to get out of this apartment building. In the meantime, I decided to get a portable a/c component that didn’t go in the window. Instead, the heated air can escape through a hose that I pushed through the window. I plan to take this cooling machine with me I figured wherever I lived next. However, I hoped I would do better in addition to find a locale that absolutely had central a/c.

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I have to get my air conditioner clean

When my family and I bought a new lake house, we knew there were some things we had to do to make it more homely. One of the first things my wife pointed out was we needed to work on improving the air quality. She figured a nice uv purifier would help do the trick. I knew that a nice humidifier/dehumidifier would work great as well. So we reached out to the HVAC company to see what they had available. I was happy to learn that they had a quality uv air purification system that was on sale, and their humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit was a top seller. So we had those appliances installed to work in tangent with our HVAC system. We were really pleased at the difference in air quality with these new system components. With such superb air quality especially since we had the uv air purification system, we probably wouldn’t get sick very often. That was one of our biggest concerns with the kids. Now all I needed to get was a nice little fishing boat for the lake. I couldn’t wait to get out there with my sons so that we could make some great catches. There was already an old fishing boat out there but I wasn’t sure if that would sink or not. It was already filled with a little bit of water, but maybe that could have been from the rain. Anyways, just like our new system components, I wanted to have something really nice for me and my young boys.

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Minimal HVAC in the summer

I told my fiance I absolutely wanted to get a nice beach house, because I’ve consistently been fascinated by the ocean. He agreed that would be good so long as the area was nice enough. As he and I opted to go beach cottage hunting, the two of us finally looked at this single particular beach house. The property had us both absolutely impressed. The Heating plus A/C system was one of the things that really stood out. The cottage had heated floors and a nice cooling idea with the rapid cooling feature. The ductwork was really compact and low profile; we were told that it was simple to work with for repair and repair. The best aspect of the cooling idea was that the cottage could be cooled down in just five minutes. The smart thermostat was legitimately a plus. My fiance and I could control the Heating plus A/C remotely. So basically all of us could be hanging out on the beach all afternoon with the Heating plus A/C on minimal settings, and prior to going back in from our afternoon in the sun, the cottage could be perfectly chilled right before all of us step back inside our beach home. Even though it was a little bit pricier than all of us wanted to pay for a new house, my fiance and I appreciated this cottage so much!  It was a dream cottage to us. So, we opted to go for it. My fiance and I were really fortunate; we gave a lower offer and the owners accepted it! Now I finally get to live on the beach love I have wanted to do for so long. There’s nothing as incredible as being able to open the windows to that beautiful beach breeze!

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I will make better use of that

Something that I never really thought about much was having my ductwork cleaned out. It wasn’t until my last HVAC system checkup when the HVAC technician was telling me that my ductwork could use a cleaning. I honestly had never had the ductwork cleaned and didn’t even think that was a service they could perform. I decided to schedule an official ductwork cleaning with my HVAC company. When they came to clean the ductwork, they had the craziest looking vacuum tools. I guess they were designed for that exact purpose to carefully clean the ductwork. I thought it was cool that they provided me with before and after pictures of the cleaning. I was totally shocked at how dirty the ductwork was before I had it cleaned officially. It was actually clogged up pretty bad inside the ductwork. The HVAC technicians suggested that I have this done every other year to keep the HVAC running as efficiently as possible. They said that would in turn allow for the energy bills to be lower. I knew that anywhere I could save would be a great thing. After I had my HVAC running for awhile after the ductwork was cleaned, I realized they were definitely right about the savings. My energy bills actually lowered by a good amount since my ductwork was cleaned. I could easily tell that the HVAC system was running a lot more smoothly and I even noticed the air quality was improved quite a bit. I definitely will be getting my ductwork cleaned regularly from now on, it is worth it.

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There are indeed options

I have been out working in the garage with nothing more than a window A/C unit. I decided to insulate the garage so that I would be able to keep the cooling air from escaping. Even when I completed all the insulation, it was still difficult to keep the garage cool with that little window A/C unit. I thought I would have to upgrade to something more powerful and energy efficient. I decided to contact my HVAC company to see what my options were. The HVAC technician said that I should go for a ductless mini-split HVAC. He said because there was no ductwork, this system would be absolutely perfect for my working space in the garage. Also because the ductless mini-split HVAC has both heating and cooling capabilities, I would be able to work in the garage in the winter season as well. I really loved the sound of that, so I decided to proceed with the ductless mini-split HVAC installation. When I had the new HVAC running, I was absolutely amazed with how efficient this HVAC really was. I have never experienced such perfect air quality in my garage when I was out there working on my projects. I was very pleased with this upgrade and I couldn’t wait to also be able to work out there in the winter months to see what it was like. It was hard to believe that such a small unit could be so powerful and efficient. I was even noticing the savings in the electric bills after using this new HVAC system for a little while.

HVAC maintenance plan 

Staying in shape

Something that I really love about the winter months is using our fireplace. While I do of course keep the gas furnace going, there’s nothing like the fireplace which adds such a nice ambience to our humble household. It’s especially nice when we have family over or company. Everybody loves to gather around the fireplace and drink hot coffee or cocoa. I love to just relax with my wife in our comfy chairs while relaxing near the fireplace. It keeps us nice and toasty. When we are utilizing the fireplace, I love to lower the thermostat settings so we can enjoy the fireplace even more. It even allows us to save on the heating bills when we utilize the fireplace often. Of course I have to split a lot of wood to keep the fireplace going, but honestly it is well worth it! It also gives me peace of mind knowing that if for some reason I experience troubles with the heating system, we can depend on the fireplace to keep us from freezing in the winter. I don’t expect anything like that to ever happen though because I always regularly have my heating system tuned up before the winter arrives. This way I know that we’ll be okay through the cold season. I would definitely feel irresponsible if I were not to get a proper tune-up on the heating system before the winter. I also have the chimney cleaned and the fireplace checked for safety. This way we know we will make it through the cold season just fine without any sort of complications.

HVAC duct service 

I don’t want to overlook anything

A choice I made a long time ago was one of the best choices I ever made. That was the decision to get enrolled into an HVAC system maintenance plan. I can’t believe how much service I get done on my HVAC through this amazing plan! The money I pay for the service is a fair yearly rate. Not to mention I get 4 repair calls included in my plan that I do not have to pay out of pocket for! I mean honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this. I have called a few times to make sure my system is running at peak efficiency. They check everything including the thermostat, the ductwork, and the HVAC unit. They make sure all the inner workings of the equipment are nice and clean, and they change out parts when needed. I really have to say, there’s nothing better than having this peace of mind knowing that nothing is going to fail on me at a critical time. There were times when I would have my get togethers, game nights, and football games and I wouldn’t be certain that my HVAC was going to keep going without breaking down. I have even experienced issues with the air quality at some of the worst times. These days ever since I got myself enrolled in this amazing HVAC system maintenance plan, I have never experienced any problems and I don’t have to worry about a thing. People have even complimented me on the excellent air quality and how efficient my HVAC system runs. I tell them the secret, to get themselves enrolled in a good HVAC system maintenance plan!

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We are back home again

When my wife and I finally arranged for a new HVAC installation, we were really looking forward to it. We went over all the options with the HVAC technician. I remember thinking how crazy it was with all the many options, but I suppose that is a good thing. It just blows me away with all the many advancements in HVAC system technology. The fact that you can actually heat and cool your home from the Earth itself in a natural way is absolutely amazing to me. Well, of course my wife was fascinated with the radiant heated floors. She was telling me that some of our friends recently upgraded to radiant heated floors and the last time she visited them, she couldn’t believe how comfortable they were! I was a little bit concerned about the cost to get these radiant heated floors, but you know what they say, happy wife happy life. So we went ahead with the installation which took a few days. I didn’t realize how much work was involved with ripping the floors up and installing the piping that in turn connects to the boiler system. When everything was all said and done though, we really loved our new heating system. The first shower I took with the heated floors was fabulous. I mean I was used to feeling that ice-cold flooring after a piping hot shower, but those tiles were nice and toasty! Even though I mainly went this route because I knew my wife loved the sound of heated floors, this is perfect for both of us!

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Noticed the energy savings

The other day, I decided to go talk to my neighbor. I came to find that he was using a new HVAC business that just came into town. I was asking about that HVAC business and if they were any good. My neighbor was telling me that they were excellent. He said they were having this promotion where the labor performed for all new customers was 50% off. When my neighbor told me that, I was a little surprised. He told me that they did great work and they just had a new HVAC system installed in their home. I was actually considering getting a new HVAC system for my house as well. Our HVAC was going on 12 years and we had been noticing that the energy bills were on the rise. We did have regular HVAC maintenance yearly, but what can you do when your machine is on its way out? So I decided to call up this new company. They were very nice on the phone and they easily arranged a date for a free evaluation. The HVAC technician who came out was really great and you could tell he cared about his customers. We ended up having a very energy efficient system installed. It had the Energy Star Label. The HVAC technician also talked us into getting a nice smart thermostat. I figured with the huge amount of money we were saving with the installation, why not upgrade the thermostat as well? We definitely weren’t disappointed. That smart thermostat makes a world of difference with the ease of controlling the HVAC and it also reminds us when we need HVAC system maintenance. I am happy with this new HVAC business in town!

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My immune system is weak

I decided to house sit for my brother Danny. I got a week in my brother’s awesome house. He has a huge TV, inground pool and many bedrooms. Staying at Danny’s was like staying at a luxury hotel with free food and no other guests. The only downside was that I was too stupid to figure out his HVAC equipment. My brother told me that he turned off the HVAC when he left. He said I could turn up the AC or even use heating if I wanted to while he was gone. He did not care what I set the HVAC too. Since it was Summer and hot, I was planning on enjoying some AC. I am totally cheap and can’t afford to run my cooling system too much. I figured on spoiling myself with Danny’s AC equipment. No such luck on this. Danny had some automation system built into his house. There was a control pad on the side of his wall. The pad controlled the lights, security system, HVAC equipment and even sent out alerts to my brother’s phone. I tried at first seeing if I could find how to adjust the AC. I could not figure out how to access the HVAC equipment. I found security, lights, air quality and how to text my brother from the home. I did not want to admit to my brother that I could not figure out his machine though. So I just went without AC for the week. I enjoyed swimming in the cold pool. At night, I was literally dying of heat though.

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We’re happy about this

I am debating on what type of cooling system I want for my home. There is central air conditioning which requires ductwork installation. Duct installation is just not that easy. You have to tear down your walls to the bare bones. Then the air ducts are eight inch heavy metal piping that needs to be installed. On older homes, ductwork installation could ruin the house. I don’t think my home could take this complicated tear down process just for AC. There is ductless mini split air conditioning. But, then you need to have multiple indoor air handlers and thermostats in the house. Yes, I would have HVAC zone control. But, I don’t want to care and clean that many units. Anytime something goes wrong, it could be with any unit. I also think the cooling installation with a ductless mini split is quite considerable. I think what might be best for me is high velocity air conditioning. This is a combination of central air and ductless AC. There is air ducts with this unit. However, the ductwork is half the size and bendable. You can fit the HVAC ducts into the slats of an older home. The installation process is easy on the house and the ductwork does not have the problems that central air does. You also only have one unit that runs the cooling function in the home. It gets its name because of how powerful it is. You can quickly whip the AC around the home and lower the temperature in a matter of minutes. It is that easy.

HEPA filter 

I will report the issues

My friends are always baffled when they come over to my house and it’s so warm. They think that because my house was made over two hundred years ago that this makes it drafty or chilly, but the opposite is actually true. Newer houses are not made as well as older models, at least in the neighborhood I live in. What baffles them even more is when they ask if I use a furnace for forced hot air, or an oil boiler with pipes and radiators, I say neither. My farm house is fueled the same way it has been since the time it was constructed, through firewood. You don’t actually need a furnace at all if you have an awesome wood stove. My wood stove is bigger than most models, because it is designer to heat the entire house. Unlike a fireplace, the woodstove doesn’t need to be babied or bothered with twice a an hour. In fact, the wood stove has a unique setting where you close up the flue to insure the wood burns for even longer. This is the setting I use when I’m going to bed, or I’m having a lot of people over and don’t want to step away all the time from the fun. Since I don’t have to use gas, oil, or electricity to heat my farm house, I never have to worry about heat bills in the winter! I just buy my cord of wood, and use the rest that I have in storage, and I am warm all winter long without spending much at all.

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I was enjoying the holidays

When it is time to show my girlfriend just how much I love her, or to say happy birthday, I always visit my local flower shop. Here in my town, our local shop is called the bouquet shop. So I go there to get my girlfriend a nice bouquet of flowers when I want to express my love, or when it is her birthday. Everytime I walk into this place, the air quality is so nice. It is unlike any air quality I ever experienced before in my life. I finally decided to ask the worker in there what they used to get that fresh smell, and nice air quality. They told me it was a special HVAC system they had installed which can blow out either your basic heating and cooling, as well as an inner air purification system, along with a humidifier. All of this goes through the HVAC air vents in the shop making a wonderful form of air quality to keep the flowers fresh and smelling good. The worker also told me it is a way to keep the potential customers in the shop a lot longer so they may buy something if just browsing around. I never realised that an air purification system, or even general heating and cooling could actually be used as a sales tool. It’s almost like magic if you ask me! But, one thing I will say is, that is one smart way to keep the flowers so nice and fresh. My girlfriend is always over the moon with what I get her here. And the bouquet shop is always my one stop shop to say “I love you”.

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The heat can really climb

The place where I work at has a very interesting HVAC system. Do not get me wrong, the heating and cooling works great in the place where I work. However, it makes the most odd noises when it goes on and off. It does not matter which time of the year it is, or if we are using the heating or the cooling, it makes very odd noises. We all call it the swing and sway HVAC unit! Why do we call it that you may ask? Well, because the noise and the rhythm almost sounds like it is a swing song rhythm from the 1940’s era! You want to almost start humming or singing your own song over the swing and sway HVAC unit. It is quite comical to be totally honest! But, in all seriousness, the heating and cooling system in our office building is one of the best, if not maybe the best in the entire city. It is one of the only industrial central heating and cooling units that is in a commercial building here in the northwest part of the united states of america. The heating works just right with the temperature and so does the air conditioning when it is in use. The HVAC here works better than the one in my home. Which, I actually spent a ton of money on getting the latest upgrade in HVAC technology for my home. It is good for the residential home my house is, but it is not even on the level of the one at the building in which I work at! I enjoy my job!

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I was ready for the air conditioning

Let it never be said that one person can’t make a difference. Last month, I started a job working at one of the many warehouses for this major online company. It’s only supposed to be seasonal work, but my boss told me he likes my work ethic so much he’s recommending me to be put on as a permanent member once the holiday season is over. While this is great news, it’s not all kittens and rainbows. The warehouse work is pretty easy and the guys I work with are awesome, but the warehouse itself is just terrible. I thought a company like this would have great HVAC to care for the quality of the inventory we maintain. However, this is not the case at all. Even though it snowed last week, we still don’t have any kind of heating and cooling, not even the most basic version. So, I rallied that it wasn’t right for us to have to work without any kind of heating device at all. So, after hours upon hours of arguing with my boss, and arguing with my boss’s boss, we are finally getting approved to have heating and cooling equipment. Thought they’re saying they can’t hire anyone to do HVAC work till the spring, my coworkers and I have been okayed to bring our own space heaters into work. While these devices don’t look like much at first glance, they make a huge difference. We’ve placed them around all of our work stations, and it both helps us feel and work better. I can get so much more done now that I’m not fighting off the cold so much.

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That was a slight exaggeration

I can’t believe my friends had the nerve to call me delicate. Me, of all people, I used to be the toughest one of us all. Then a few years ago, for whatever reason, I started losing weight. Then came the infamous picnic where we played flag football and I ended up shattering my leg. I barely even fell, and my leg went all topsy turvy on me. Since then they all call me Mister Glass, like the guy from the horror movies. The truth is that deep down I know they are right, i am getting delicate, I just don’t know why. I have to run the temperature controls like a madman to keep my bum leg from acting up. It has healed up well enough, and I can even run on it with no problem, but the old injury still acts up if the cooling gets to out of control. In the deep dark days of winter I need to keep a heater on, and near my leg, 24/7 or it starts to ache and throb like it just broke. The summers are marginally better, because really the only time my leg acts up is when I have the A/C set too cold. The problem is that my leg seems to operate from a different thermostat than the rest of my body. My body can be sweating buckets and crying out for some cooling, but if I turn the air conditioning system down too low then my leg starts to throbbing like crazy all over again.

HVAC repair 

These facts should be known

For a few years I had it bad, and by bad I mean really, really bad. I was homeless for a time, and that was when I was still living in my car. Once my car got impounded, things got even worse and I drifted for a while. I went from town to town, meal to meal, just trying to keep myself alive long enough for things to turn themselves around. I found a church program that found me a job and got me a place to live, and I have learned a lot about myself since then. Just last week my little box A/C unit in the front window broke down, and I got a little mad about it. I had to stop and laugh, because six months ago I would have counted myself lucky to be able to sleep in an air conditioner box for the night. The newer AC units and furnaces comes in really thick, sturdy boxes that can stand a few nights worth of weather. Just a few months later and I have a roof over my head, I have a tv and a bathroom, and I am grousing about an air conditioner on the fritz! Instead of complaining about it, I prayed my thanks that a broken AC was suddenly the worst problem in my blessed life. I took the thing apart and tried to get it working again myself, figuring that learning how to jury rig one of these air conditioner units might be a smart thing to learn how to do.

HVAC supplier 

I really just need an air conditioner

I never thought I would meet my spouse on an HVAC service call. My friends and I were really upset Super Bowl morning. We woke up and our frat house was really cold. My friends and I tried everything, but we could not fix the problem with our heating equipment. Most of my friends don’t know anything at all about heating equipment. The rest of us have very little knowledge. We were pretty upset, because we had a huge Super Bowl party planned later that afternoon. I called a few different HVAC service centers, before I found someone open on a Sunday. My friends and I had to pay extra for Sunday service, but they arrived shortly after we hung up the phone. Within an hour, and attractive woman was standing in our doorway. She was heating equipment repair technician. My friends were making noises behind me, but I made them go away. I asked or did her to our heating equipment, and she asked a lot of questions. She wanted to know what type of repairs we tried already. She wanted to know if the heating equipment made any noises or acted differently in the past few days. Every time she looked at me, I felt my skin getting warmer and warmer. At the end of our heating equipment service call, I tried to get her number. She turned me down quickly and left as swiftly as she appeared. A few days later, she called me on the phone. I didn’t know how she got my number, until I realized it was on the invoice.

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Quality ac component

My man in addition to I moved into a really nice studio apartment. The two of us like that little place – the size, the feeling we get when we come home, the simplicity that our lives have taken. There is just a single thing we did not appreciate and that is that the apartment had no Air Conditioner in addition to Heater appliance! No a/c is good in the frosty weather, however living in the South the summer time becomes pretty much unbearable. Fans worked superb for a long time, however we could not entirely do anything in the dwelling in the warmer weather until one day a certainly good friend gave us cash to purchase an Air Conditioning in addition to Heating appliance for the apartment. What a fabulous feeling it was to be able to make our living area bearable again in the 90’s! We went to the local Air Conditioner in addition to Heater company in addition to decided on the best Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C appliance for our home. Then it wasn’t too long after receiving the cash that we had the a/c appliance up in addition to running to cool things off. The Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C professional made certain the Air Conditioning in addition to Heating appliance was installed officially in addition to we signed a contract with him to service in addition to maintain our a/c appliance quarterly in the future. Our dwelling has become an even more pleasant place since having the new a/c appliance upgrade. Thanks to our good friend for making life wonderful! Having a new Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C appliance allows us to cool off our dwelling with certainly little in regards to electric payment. The two of us don’t need to use the fans anymore in addition to he in addition to I enjoy spending time at our dwelling even more now, especially in sizzling weather, thanks to our new a/c appliance!

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HVAC services

My wife and I are busy travelers, and we try to visit a few new places each year.  Ever since we retired, we have visited a lot of great places. My wife and I took a flight to the frozen frontier. We started a 7 day cruise all around the islands. Even though it was the middle of summer, the outdoor temperatures were still very cold and frigid. My wife and I were worried about being warm, but our cruise ship had great amenities. Our suite was part of a multi split HVAC system. We had a separate thermostat for our room, even though we shared ductwork with two additional cabins. We adjusted the HVAC system, so more or less heat could enter our room. It was incredibly efficient and work very well. After a few nights, the outdoor temperatures seemed to warm up. When I looked at the cabin thermostat, the outdoor temperature was only 42 degrees. The HVAC system worked well, because we were cozy. My wife and I saw a great deal of interesting places along our journey. We saw animals that will only be around for another thirty years. We saw large structures carved from Ice in a frozen tundra. My wife and I are looking forward to our next big trip. Instead of worrying about heat, we will be concerned with our air conditioning needs. My wife and I are going to be visiting a tropical location for a 3 week period. Some friends of ours have a beach house, and we are going to stay with them. They recently did some remodeling, and they are ready to show off the new construction.

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The farming heating and air

I regularly enjoyed going to see our Grandpa’s dwelling. Anytime we had the option to go I jumped at the chance. His dwelling was awesome! It was a 2 story dwelling that was built back in the 20’s plus there was even a manual water pump out in the front. The dwelling was a historical farmhouse plus everything about it screamed nothing but charm. The wrap around front porch gave the dwelling a peaceful plus fantastic effect. The only thing I didn’t enjoy about the dwelling was there was no Air Conditioning plus Heating appliance. He never felt he needed that as they had regularly opened the windows in the Summer plus built a fire in the fireplace during the Winter until a certain year. This was the year our parents plus I moved in with our Grandpa. He had grown much too elderly to take care of himself plus our mother made the decision it was time to look after her father. So every one of us moved to his dwelling plus lived upstairs. My father reached out to the local Heating plus A/C appliance corporation to come out plus assess then supply us a price for a new Air Conditioner plus Heater appliance. The Heating plus A/C specialist arrived plus gave us an estimate then set to task after getting the approval of our Grandpa installing a new A/C appliance. He was ecstatic he agreed when the next Winter the area was much more frigid than it had ever been plus instead of having to sit right in front of the fireplace to keep toasty, every one of us were able to keep toasty anywhere in the dwelling with the new Heater plus A/C appliance running.

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Getting your business out there

When I was building my website, I did a lot of advertising on facebook and twitter.  I saw some traffic, but not nearly as much as I had hoped for. I didn’t get a single sale from any of the clicks and I received very few people who were interested in joining my mailing list.  I had to dig deep to find out what I was doing wrong. Facebook is now offering different types of advertising and it is based on a pay-per-click advertisement. I’ve received thousands of clicks, but only .5% of those people have actually interacted with my website.  This is sad news for me. When my son started his HVAC company, he was also advertising on facebook and twitter. He thought that if he could let all of the ‘friends’ know, then he could get some HVAC business from them. He was so wrong. I have learned that facebook and twitter and are now trying to optimize their advertising featuring so they can utilize targeted traffic to help their followers.  However, it is sketchy and far from what is really needed. The traffic that is received is still coming directly from search engines. There is a better ROI (Return on Interest) when the leads come from search engines. My son needs to do a lot of rethinking and get himself on the search engines. Although it may cost a bit more, his HVAC business will see a new growth over time. As they say, you need to spend money to  make money. This is great if you aren’t spending more than you make.

Inspection for the furnace

With the cold season on the way, you may need an oil furnace tune-up.  The oil furnace check is easily necessary to ensure a well-working oil furnace.  More importantly, that oil furnace check will ensure a safe heating appliance when you need it.  This preventive HVAC maintenance task is relatively cheap compared to other maintenance tasks, in addition to you may even find some discount coupons from the HVAC appliance provider.  An HVAC professional will check your entire heating in addition to cooling appliance, but you have to schedule an appointment. Then that heating serviceman will find in addition to update any area that is needed to ensure that you will have excellent heat this winter.  Also, go ahead in addition to get the chimney diagnosed if you utilize the fireplace, at all. Did you use your fireplace last year, in addition to not have it cleaned after the cold season? If so, be sure to call a licensed chimney sweep. That chimney sweep company will be needed to ensure a safe usage of the fireplace for the cold season.  When you use your fireplace, dangerous deposits always remain in the chimney. Or even a concrete business will be able to help with a fireplace. They have certain know-how of any kind of brick or stone masonry project in addition to can install or repair fireplaces in addition to BBQs. As well as a chimney sweep company, a concrete business can also easily clean in addition to inspect chimneys in addition to fireplaces.  As a homeowner, there are certain areas of the fireplace that you can actually check yourself. However, checking out the condition of a fireplace is both a dangerous in addition to a cruddy task. So a fireplace check is best left to the professionals, but you must have it done, to use it.

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Graphics and images

You can have movement in your ad without actually putting in animation.  Picture those advertisements where the drop goes into the milk and all you see are the drops coming up and at you.  The still picture is amazing and it speaks volumes. This is what you are looking at for eye-popping ads. You need to attract the attention of your possible clients.   Movement can be very distracting, but movement can bring out the dynamics of your design. As in the thought about the drop of milk splashing upwards and all you can is the cookie going in and the drops that have flown out, you have action with the animation.  I’m not sure how someone would work this out with HVAC. I would have someone sitting near the furnace and their face would be blue. He would be wrapped in blankets and the curve lines to show he is freezing and shaking. The furnace would have a sad look in its face, but the HVAC technician would be sitting in front of it with a tool that is perfect to get it running.  You can even do the reverse for the air conditioning. The thought behind all of this rambling is that you need to create a dynamic design that will attract someone’s attention. Be it through humor, or realism, you will have attention with the right graphics and pictures and the appearance of motion. Throw in the color that keeps your website fresh and readable, and get some good copy.  You will have a lot of click through results.

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Why won’t the furnace work?

That first cold snap the people I was with and I all felt last weekend, snapped a few homeowners right into reality when their furnaces entirely failed to work.  Looking into your heating appliance can be an intimidating experience, wondering why it is not sending the heat out. It can be disturbing, but don’t you worry. When your automobile fails to work, you don’t have to upgrade the whole car, do you?  No, you take the automobile to the auto mechanic shop and they fix it, albeit for a certain price. There is no difference with your heating appliance. Simply call the HVAC provider and they will come by your dwelling and get your heating appliance heating once again.  It is not as if the winter and all the frosty weather that it will be bringing will just go away on its own. So let the HVAC corporation repair your heating source so that you and your family can sleep well (and safer) inside the evening. You actually need a professional to task on your heating appliance, not your friend Joe that has a cousin, whos best friend’s sibling is in the HVAC industry.  No, with heating appliances, especially those older HVAC systems in genuinely frosty regions, you should consistently have your heating appliance repaired by an HVAC professional. However, when you discover that your heating system doesn’t work, there is a checklist that you should review to try and learn why the heating appliance doesn’t work. The number one reason why furnaces start flickering is because of the heating appliance filter.  A heating system owner should actually know where the filter is, what type is needed, and actually how to change that heating appliance filter. Otherwise, your heating source may not task when you need the heat on.

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Remodeling our heater and a/c

As a certified leasing agent, I have the occasion to task with numerous trades in the construction business.  Getting to know somebody from one of those trades has helped myself and others tremendously with a remodel that I’ve been working on.  The Heating and Air Conditioning company that takes care of our leasing company supplier has agreed to help myself and others with the Heating and Air Conditioning appliance for our dwelling.  My family and I recently purchased a duplex and are fixing it up. We actually plan on living in one side of the duplex, with the other side helping to cover the cost of the mortgage for us. Now that we are nearing the end of the remodel, the people I was with and I are prepared for the Heating and Air Conditioning appliances.  Since this duplex is an older building, the people I was with and I did not wish to add any sort of air duct, so the people I was with and I knew that the Heating and Air Conditioning appliance had to be ductless. A mini-split ductless Heating and Air Conditioning appliance is a perfect match for both a non-ducted building and multi-family housing.  With the ductless mini-split Heating and Air Conditioning appliance, the people I was with and I can have up to 4 indoor Heating and Air Conditioning units, although the people I was with and I only require two right now. Two Heating and Air Conditioning units inside the living spaces, and one Heating and Air Conditioning compressor outside working the heating and cooling for both sides of the dwelling.  In the backyard there is a substantial garage that the people I was with and I will remodel as well, however the people I was with and I have to get the living areas completed before anything else. Each of the inside Heating and Air Conditioning units will have its own control unit for customized climate control. That should make our future tenants completely glad. We’re pleased as well, since the ductless mini-split Heating and Air Conditioning appliance is easy to install, requiring little hardware.  That means that the people I was with and I are almost done with this remodel!

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Stand in furnace

As time goes by, I become even more of a classist! Yes, I’m admitting it, I do not care for rich people! Having grown up pauperized myself, it was easy to dislike my friends and peers who were able to afford even middle class privileges… We were barely able to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, so hearing other kids complaining about the designer clothes and gadgets their parents wouldn’t buy them, really upset me. These days, as an adult, I continue to feel this tension with the upper class.

               My own husband, for instance, drives me crazy with his past history of easy living. There are many benefits to the life experiences I’ve  earned, such as my ability to reduce our domestic expenses through careful planning and efficient Heating, Ventilation plus A/C usage. You see, my silly husband is accustomed to running the central heating and cooling plan whenever he wanted to, back home. His family never bitched or fussed about running the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system, because they had plenty of money for the energy company each month!

               In my house, on the other hand, my mother refused to use the central Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan most of the time. We understood how to keep ourselves sizzling through the long, brutal winters, without the help of a working gas furnace. Instead, we used caulking and plastic sheeting to insulate our doors and windows. We bought thick sweaters from thrift stores as stand-ins for the central gas furnace, and ran tiny section gas oil furnaces to sizzling up the immediate area where we lived. Maybe it wasn’t the easiest way to grow up, but after being a poor child, at least I know how to live like a poor adult.

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I was okay with a little radon

My parents brought everyone of us up in an absolutely sizable place. The place was a booming facility with lots of industrious areas. On the outskirts of town there were several landfill areas for refuse. Some friends lived by a section built around rocks. As those rocks began to decompose, Area Homes found a sizable amount of radon gases building up. As the radon gas build up, it absolutely can seep into cracks of each complex. Every one of us can not know if radon will be present, unless everyone of us absolutely do a special test. Every one of us knows how important it can be to remediate these problems right away. Radon detection kits are available all over along with the fact that many places can provide this service for the insurance company. Radon naturally forms when most of these rocks start to break down and let out gases. There isn’t much to do about rocks sitting while under the ground, but the raid on grass can be ventilated out into the air, where it cannot hurt anyone in the building. Concentrate concentrated levels have to be high in order to cause a lot of problems, so radon detection kits can often be a Best Bet first precaution. Every one of us will one day Build A Home of Our Own plus we will want to know if radon mitigation is something necessary it can be a sizeable problem to detect radon later on, so early detection is one of the simple and at most keys to follow

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The HVAC company is a sham


                  Knowing my own family, I should know better than to get scammed by people off the street. My Mom was a bonafide criminal in any venture she could scheme up plus she drew my oldest sibling into her illicit lifestyle. Soon, my older sibling was a junkie with the regular habits for supporting his habit! He proceeded to terrorize my whole family for years, stealing every single thing we’ve ever possessed plus lying to  people’s faces about his ventures for over a decade. That being said, I’m pretty skeptical of other humans, plus I constantly think they are up to no good. It’s a pessimistic though smart way to live, if you ask me.

               That’s why I was so upset when these two men took me for a ride last month concerning my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. I had recently decided that I should invest in a professional heating plus cooling plan inspection from the high quality ventilation plan specialists down the street so I called them to arrange an appointment… When the specialists arrived, I thought it was a bit unusual that their job van didn’t have the same artwork that the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier used to advertise with all over town. I just assumed they had a big fleet of vehicles, plus this one just wasn’t emblazoned with the gas furnace plus AC supplier logo, and I let the men inside.

            About twenty minutes later they said they were finishing up with my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C inspection, plus the results would be sent to me within the day. As soon as they left, there came a knock at my door. I opened it to see two Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialists plus their branded job van in the driveway behind them. When these real ventilation specialists looked over my AC unit, the entire thing had been stolen from the inside out.  

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I honestly just bought the house

Radon gas is unquestionably white, tasteless, and also odorless. It can be found in every type of the beach house. Sporadically, some people will Panic if they realize radon can be detected in the beach home. If radon can be properly dealt, then there would be no serious worry about radon detection. I unquestionably understand that exposure to sustained radon can easily be dangerous and possibly deadly. Radon can be a cause for some lung cancer. It’s awful cuz people hear the word and immediately want to move out of the beach home. I easily can’t explain how some people never even realized the home could have radon. I worked as a real agent and had people reading their home for sale. They had to perform a termite check, mole check, and radon safety check before selling. I really didn’t appreciate these things coming up before a sale. It was unquestionably valuable to have these problems dealt with before a sale. If radon gas can, it can easily be mitigated. No a single would ever be wise and each buyer could have the radon test performed with results. No one argues that much about the high expense. Prior radon testing is easily better for peace of mind, and can save some life in the process. It seems to be worth the money, just to know if radon is in your home or not. It can be some value to mitigate radon, but the currency is actually very well spent. Not many would otherwise care to find out about radon in the home.

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The friendly HVAC dealership

When touring around some of the older homesteads downtown I observed that each of them were particular  yet the same. One of the recurring things found in each and every a single of them was that they had such high ceilings and Transom style windows above each doorway.  At first, I thought this was just a decorative feature. Then I acquired that it easily had an important function. Like any home, it was very important to make extra sure that air circulated along with heat to keep the house from feeling drafty.   Homes built a few ago did not have the elaborate HVAC duct that numerous newly constructed homes have. They needed a good way to circulate air and warmth throughout the home. These transom windows allowed just that. They let light through the house too but they could be opened and closed to allow heating in or out of a room as well.   Many of the easily seasoned homes didn’t even have electricity when they were first built. Finding creative ways to circulate air was important. Now, every one of us only needed to call our friendly Heating and Air Conditioning dealer and have a better ventilation plan or new Heating and Air Conditioning plan installed. All of us don’t depend on things like fireplaces and transom windows to keep our homes comfortable. I must say that the people who designed those homes back then really knew what they were doing though. I believe those windows were a very primitive way of putting HVAC duct into place.  Now, numerous of them have been sealed there permanently and are only for decoration. I am sure that numerous homeowners don’t even have a single clue what they were used for.

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Dealing with a personal injury firm

The personal injury lawyer looks out for the welfare of the person who has been wronged by a company or a person.  If you happen to receive or purchase a product that is meant for general use, you expect it to do the job, you got the product for.  You want the brakes on the car to stop the car, when you want it stopped. You don’t want the car’s headlights to go out when it is dark and you are still driving.  You don’t want your blonde hair to dye green or to cause your hair to fall out. You don’t want to have a new roof put on your home, just to have it rain and have your roof fall in on you.  These are just a small part of what can be a personal injury case. Most of the time the company or people will gladly make you whole. Make you whole is a term used by personal injury lawyers that covers the fact that it covers your costs.  With personal injury however there can also be compensation for pain and suffering, loss of work, and even loss of time with your spouse or family. Your personal injury lawyer is well versed on what a person can be compensated and how to get what the person deserves.  Even people who have cancer that is due to cigarette smoking has given personal injury lawyers a big boost in their income. They start a class action lawsuit and they end up with thousands of clients all at the same time.

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Forty years of HVAC

When people learn that all of the Heating and Air Conditioning units in our apartment complex building are over forty years old, I believe they always have a strenuous time believing it.  This, is more than likely, because items today are just not made to survive that long. I am not saying that newer technology doesn’t have its own advantages, but, our landlord has typically inspected the units in our apartment building and every one of us don’t easily have problems with them.  I turn on the heat, the apartment is hot within hours, the same goes for the cooling systems. They may make a lot more noise than newer a singles do, but all in all they do the job. I was recently discussing this with a coworker and they happened to ask about our utility costs… When I told them how much money our average bill was, they were shocked.  They said that they would never want to spend so much money that much for heat and a/c. I never easily thought about it because I have lived in our home for 10 plus years. All of us started talking about the efficiency of newer Heating and Air Conditioning systems and how much cash they could save the renters in this building. I decided to ask our landlord if he had ever looked into upgrading the HVAC units.  He said that the expense was too much and he would have to raise the rent to compensate for the expense. This would mean that I wouldn’t be saving any cash because what I didn’t spend the money to the utility company, I would be paying in rent. I believe the only way I would see any savings at all would be to move. But, I love where I live, our neighbors, and even the constant clinking sounds that the Heating and Air Conditioning plan makes.  I believe this is a home to myself and others and that is really all that matters.

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The issues with the a/c

Money has been entirely  tight, ever since my husbandy and I had a baby. It cost a lot of money to raise an infant, and every one of us are barely making enough funds. I task full-time, and my husbandy works from home. Between the two of us, there is not much time left. The baby keeps us up half the night, and every one of us hardly sleep at all. My husbandy and I were doing our best to maintain, when our a/c equipment stopped now working. Every one of us woke up in the middle of the night, when the baby started crying. Every one of us suddenly noticed the indoor air pollen levels, which felt sticky and humid. My husbandy grabbed the baby, while I checked the a/c thermostat. It was completely off and no numbers were visible at all. It was 20 minutes past 4 in the morning, and every one of us could not call the a/c repair supplier until seven. My husbandy and I took the baby into the living room and turned the ceiling fan on high. Every one of us put some music on the stereo, and did our best to wait until the a/c repair supplier opened. As soon as the fourth struck 7, every one of us called the a/c repair supplier to make an appointment. Every one of us were first on the list, and they arrived shortly after 8. The a/c repair serviceman spent a good deal of time investigating our plan troubles. They determined our concern and offered us an estimate for repair services. It was $200 to repair the a/c troubles. My husbandy and I had to use the electric bill money to spend money for the a/c repair.

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This car dealership is great

I have a whole group of friends that I play poker with on a weekly basis. For as long as I can remember, we’ve gotten together at my house to play cards, drink beer, complain about our wives, and talk about cars. We have always been major automobile enthusiasts, and we’ve always dreamed about importing fancy Japanese cars. Unfortunately, even though we all have really wanted to have our own right-hand drive Japanese high-performance vehicle here in the States, it’s really hard to get the proper legal work and documentation in order to import those kinds of vehicles

            . My poker buddies and I have talked about it for years, but we never really took it seriously until my friend Tim told us last week at the card game that he had gotten in touch with a specialty importer down south. This importer specializes in bringing right-hand drive cars from Japan into the US using the twenty-five year exemption rule. That just means that as long as the car or vehicle is at least twenty-five years old, it can be imported without having to follow a ton of rules and regulations. It also means that there are way fewer fees and financial hoops to jump through.  

                   Tim actually has been talking to one of these JDM importers about seriously buying one of these cars! I can’t believe that he’s considering legally importing, registering, making street legal, and insuring one of these JDM vehicles. I never thought that any of us would take our enthusiasm for cars to the next level by dealing with an honest-to-goodness Japanese car importer.

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