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AC system has a leak in it

During every spring break, my family and I take a two week vacation.  We have tried to hit every state there is and this year, we were planning our trip to Disney World.  We decided to stop about half to our destination. Seeing as we also went during Spring Break for the college students, we knew we would have to  make reservations for wherever we went. We even had a reservation for this hotel that was halfway on our trip. We pulled into the hotel and we saw all of the motorcycles and kids hanging out everywhere.  We had paid for a suite that was to have two bedrooms and one was to have two beds. We ended up in a suite that had a pull-out sofa that turned into a double bed and the master suite. The air conditioning was working well and soon after we ate our dinner, we all went to bed.  About two hours after we went to bed, our sons woke us up. They told us there was a weird noise coming from the HVAC system. My husband got up and looked at the HVAC and it did sound odd, but it was still working well, so he told them to go back to sleep. It was still dark when I got up to check on the boys.  I heard an odd noise, but it was the stuff that I stepped in that alarmed me. We turned on the light and there was kind of goo coming from the AC unit. We put towels over the puddle, called the front desk and found out that we had to leave a message. We left the message, called the credit card company while packing and we were back on the road.

Ice rink a/c is an issue

After I got out of college, I really didn’t have much time to get out and play sports anymore.  Some of the guys that I work with at the law firm asked if I wanted to get out and play hockey with them.  I was pretty good in high school and in college, so I went with them. I was kind of surprised to see a girl there, but I figured even girls played hockey.  Before we went home, we all sat around talking and drinking a couple beers. I learned that Lorraine had gone to technical and she was the first woman to graduate from HVAC school.  She said she had been working as a HVAC technician for nearly fifteen years now and she was one of the best HVAC techs in her company. We began to get pretty chummy and she and I went out for dinner a couple of times, but just as friends.  I was in the apartment one night, and something happened to my air conditioning. The HVAC company couldn’t make it until the next day, so I texted Lorraine to see if she had any ideas. Ten minutes later, she was knocking on my door. She was able to fix the air conditioner in no time and she only charged me a beer for her work.  We sat there for over two hours, drinking beer and laughing. I found out that she wasn’t just a HVAC tech, but she owned the HVAC company that I used. We are now dating and not just having dinner.

HVAC serviceman

Cumbersome ductwork

I have to say that I have one of the most clever HVAC workers on the planet.  He actually knows what he is doing when it comes to repairs as well as even as the ability to concernshoot the system as well as find a solution where others have failed.  When the home was built in the late 1950’s the construction was considered state of the art. Having air conditioning installed throughout the new home was still rather new as well as those who had it were thought of as wealthy.  Our home was one of the first in the section that had this feature. The air duct as well as even the units themselves were actually cumbersome as well as took up a big amount of section in the attic. When the people I was with and I wanted to make some changes as well as convert the attic into another kitchen, the people I was with and I knew the people I was with and I needed to find a way to take back some of that space. Both of us called our HVAC tech as well as had him come out to see if there was a viable solution that would not involve cutting out the entire thing.  He said that he could redesign the layout as well as use much smaller air duct. I would require him to make a custom fitting to attach to the old air duct that ran throughout the home however with some elbow grease, he knew he could do it. This would be a custom job so the people I was with and I knew it would cost us a bit more, however it would be worth it in the long run. I am blissful that our worker takes the time to find a solution instead of just trying to sell us a new system.


the model of HVAC

I was trying to think of all of the names that are synonymous with industry that involves heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  The ones that immediately came to mind was General Electric or GE as it is commonly known, Frigidaire, Westinghouse and even Carrier. These companies were responsible for the launching of the HVAC industry into what we know today.  I think about all of the people who work for these companies and how they were able to give us the modern HVAC systems that we have today, and I am in awe. The refrigeration and the air conditioning has gone through some drastic changes over the years.  They are more efficient and much less cumbersome. The oldest of refrigerations had a small compressor that sat on top of the refrigerator and it only cooled a small cubicle that was maybe five foot square. I think of my grandparents and even in the home I grew up and these were trademark companies for the appliances that my family had in their homes.  These companies are still in business but they have found new and more streamlined ways to produce their products. There are now more companies than just the few mentioned, who have products that can easily rival theirs. HVAC is a competitive business that everyone wants to get into. If you are looking to purchase a new HVAC system, it would be a great idea to check out all of the products that are available.  Some of the lesser known brands can be just as good as the name brands. Do your research and make a wise choice on the brand and choice of HVAC product you are looking for.

HVAC Industry

the home heater component

I am finally going to be making the move.  We are looking at cooler temperatures here in the south, and I love being able to open my windows to let in the cooler air.  The only problem this year, is that the cooler air is a vivid reminder that I will soon be moving up north. It is already cold up there and my father wrote that they had snow.  I had a house built, and I need to make a decision on what kind of heating system I want in the house. I have been given the choice of many different kinds of furnace and heating systems, and I am overwhelmed.  They talked about a gas furnace, which is highly efficient. My dad doesn’t like gas furnaces because they are dangerous if they leak carbon monoxide. We also talked about an oil furnace and even an outdoor wood burner.  I asked about boilers, which was really interesting to me. I had read about a boiler and how they operated on hot water heat. I thought that it wouldn’t be nearly as dry in the house if you used hot water to heat. Dad was always complaining about the heat.  I also liked that you could use the boiler for radiant heat. Radiant heat is said to be this delicious type of heating that soaks into every surface of the house. You can walk barefoot in the house and you never have to worry about cold feet. If I take a shower, my entire bathroom will warm and I won’t be shivering.

heating serviceman

Don’t need the a/c much

Where I live, it seems like all we ever have are scorching summer temperatures.  When we finally get a month reprieve for winter, everyone seems to have their windows lung open so they enjoy the fresh air.  I turn off the air conditioner and I put the screens in the windows. For those few weeks, I know that my energy bill iis going to be low.  I know that I won’t need to hear the sound of the air conditioning turning on and off, or just running continually. Since the air conditioning isn’t needed at that time, it is the perfect time to call the HVAC company.  I set up an appointment to have the air conditioning system cleaned and repaired. Any little things that could cause a problem in the coming heat, would be repaired now, so I didn’t have to worry about a loss of air conditioning when the weather became unbearable.  The air conditioner gets a complete tune-up and it gets a total cleaning. It is like going to the spa for a relaxing weekend of pampering, but for the AC unit. I never realized this was really necessary, until a couple of years ago. I hadn’t done the annual cleaning on my AC system.  I just didn’t have enough money to pay for it at the moment and when I finally thought about it again, it was in the middle of summer. It was the hottest day we had that summer. The air conditioner quit running. I had to call the HVAC company to come out repair the AC unit. This cost me extra because it was on a weekend.  He told me that if I had my annual maintenance done, I would be enjoying AC right now.


Turning up the thermostat a lot

Although I don’t really hate my job, I absolutely detest my boss.  She is a horrible person who strives to make all the people’s lives as miserable as possible.  She likes to schedule meetings before we get to work on Wednesday mornings, so that her employees are forced to arrive early to the office.  She frequently assigns many projects at the end of the workday on a Wednesday, keeping us in the office later than necessary. My boss also has total  over the temperature control. Since she is always a bit too warm, she tends to set the temperature very low. The air conditioning blasts at maximum capacity throughout the day, and with vents all over the place, there is no escape from the draft of air.  During the winter, she barely turns the furnace at all. Even when the outside temperature is well below zero, she refuses to turn up the temperature control. She ignores all complaints about the HVAC system, and I keep a overcoat at my desk at all times. I tried running a small space heater under the desk, although she insisted it was a safety risk and forced me to remove it.  I recently managed to link my my computer to the smart temperature control located in her office without her knowing it. Throughout the day, I gradually raise the temperature control setting. I am so excited when I notice sweat running down her face and pit stains under her arms. So far, she can’t figure out what’s going on with the temperature control or why the furnace keeps starting up all the time.  She called the service department, but they guy told him there’s nothing wrong with the temperature control. If she ever catches me, I’ll absolutely get fired, but it will be worth it.

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Boiler for my driveway

Although I live along the northern border of our country, I am not a fan of winter weather at all.  I dislike the freezing cold and snow, and the amount of task and expense that comes along with it. The outside temperature starts cooling off, forcing me to close the all the windows in the home, in early October.  By the end of the month, I’ve officially started up the gas furnace. The furnace will then operate non stop until sometime in May. I would like to huddle inside our heated beach house and never step foot outside for the rest of the season.  Every time I go someplace, I first take the time to bundle up in heavy snow boots, a wool coat, scarf, hat and gloves. I need to start up my car and let the furnace and defrost run for at least ten minutes to thaw it out. I am seriously thankful I no longer have the job of plowing or shoveling the snow.  I used to spend many hours clearing the driveway, digging out the sidewalks, and creating a path to the car. The chemicals I had to spread to melt the snow and ice caused damage to landscaping and occasionally got tracked inside the house. A few years ago, I spent quite a bit of money to install a snow melt system.  A looping series of pipes is concealed beneath the cement of walkways, the driveway and garage floor, and then linked to the boiler installed inside the basement. The snow melt system automatically activates at a certain temperature and moisture level. The boiler then pumps warm water through the pipes, which effectively clears the surfaces of ice.  The snow melt system eliminates a tremendous amount of work and several safety risks. The boiler is beautifully energy efficient, keeping costs low. The boiler also handles the heating requirements of our home, provides our hot water demand, and heats our swimming pool in the summer.


Getting the a/c installed

I have friends who work in the elements or in grocery stores that always complain to me about the heat when the summer time arrives. If you’re working outside it’s hot in these parts Working as a cashier at a grocery store means you’re pretty close to the outside doors, so you get assaulted by the heat all day long too. But at my job, I don’t need to fret about the weather. The work I do is laborious and not for the lazy, but the pay is reasonable and I’m always comfortable. My station is on the four color pressing floor at a massive printing press. We don’t work with newspapers or books, our place prints promotional materials on everything from banners and cups to spoons and napkins. Napkins in particular, because we’re one of the few companies still utilizing the old webs press. You see, webs press requires the air to be kept at the right temperature, so the HVAC system for this part of the factory is perpetually the same temperature. While other floor temperatures can fluctuate, the four color pressing floor has policed climate control conditions. A fraction too hot, and the ink will run. If the temp is too cold, the machines will gunk up from paper pulp, and the ink will stick to the machine instead of being applied to the napkin. No matter how high the temperatures are outside, the HVAC system insures that this area of the printing factory floors is the exact same temperature.

temperature control

I have a great heater device

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to no longer be renting my old apartment! This is mostly because I had to live with an oil boiler. There was one upside to this, because boilers are a pretty reliable method of heating. However, the price of oil is the problem. The oil drains my funds that could really be used elsewhere, and also the price of oil fluctuates constantly. It seemed that I never had the money to spare  when the prices were at their lowest. Yet the second I had saved enough to fill up the tank for my oil heater, prices would go way up and I would not have quite enough. I put up with it year after year, until finally I had had enough. My new apartment is a little more sparse than my old one, but it makes up for it by having a decked out kitchen and a great HVAC unit. Now I have a huge air conditioner built into one wall of the living room that manages to cool off most of the apartment on it’s own. After that, I also get to enjoy this neat electric furnace that runs so well. It needs no ductwork, just heating coils in the baseboard radiators that emit heat as needed. Since both the heating and air conditioning are powered by electricity, it’s a snap to shut one or the other off when it’s no longer in season. In the wintertime, I can shut off the air conditioner in the winter and even flip the fuse off at the breaker. Then in the summer, I can power down the heater. This HVAC system is so easy and efficient that I feel spoiled.

electric heater

HVAC ducts have leaks in them

For the longest time I could not figure out why my energy bills were so high. I first thought it was because the HVAC system required cleaning. I did this, changed the air filter and even gave some parts more lubrication. This did not change the bill. I then thought that maybe my home was improperly sealed. I put more caulk around the windows, further insulated the walls and put towels under the doors, but to no avail. I experimented with increasing and decreasing the thermostat temperature, got superior quality air filters and even purchased a humidifier. Finally the culprit for my high energy bills was discovered. It was my ductwork. My central HVAC system goes into every room with said ductwork. The air ducts are key for whole home climate control. But, even a small crack can really affect the quality of the HVAC system. That is what the problem was in my home. Along the seam of one of my HVAC ducts, there was indeed a crack. I had to call out an HVAC contractor into my home to address this issue. He crawled around in my home and used a handy tool to do ductwork sealing. The tools basically were similar in appearance to airsoft guns. He appeared to shoot air with sealant particles into my air ducts. The particles then expanded in the ductwork to seal it. It was pretty fascinating to watch. Now that the seam issue is addressed, my HVAC bills have returned to being low again. It is amazing how a small crack can cause a huge problem.

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Smart HVAC equipment

I feel really bad, but I want the money back from my birthday gift. My dad tries really hard to think of a good gift for me. But, most years it is something that does not work for me. This year, it has never been more true. My dad got me a smart thermostat for my heating and air system. For years I had content with a basic dial thermostat. I would get up and turn the big dial to my desired temperature. It was simple, but I did not mind. My dad heard about the smart thermostat and thought it was an awesome idea for me. The features with the smart thermostat are pretty cool. With this thermostat you can adjust temperatures from anywhere using a phone, computer or ipad. The thermostat also learns your heating and cooling habits. It knows the day, time and room that you want a particular heating and air setting. Also, the thermostat will monitor the home for you. If you leave the house, the HVAC will turn off. When you come home, the thermostat compensates and will turn on. It even can be programmed to turn on shortly before you arrive home. You also get messages about poor indoor air quality and when an air filter could use changing. That’s great right? Well the downside is that I don’t have wifi set up in my home. So the thermostat loses its advanced abilities. I need to adjust it manually, like my old thermostat.

wifi thermostat

A space heater when I make crafts

I was surprised two days before my sister’s wedding when she told me she needed help making the table ornaments. I would have thought that would have been over and done with by now. She wanted to make these table toppers wreath things out of fake leaves and berries. She already had all of the supplies and everything so I agreed to assist her. When she showed me a picture of the final product, I bit my tongue. The display was ugly but, apparently, she thought it was great, we got right to work. Since we were using industrial glue, we had to work in the garage where we could get a lot of ventilation. However, it was winter and the glue needed to be at least 60 degrees to properly dry, so we had a space heater running on high. However, since the door was open the garage was still not approaching the 60 degrees needed, and we were starting to worry that the arrangement would still be no quite dry by the time of the wedding. Finally, we finished making all of the wreaths so we left the space heater on and brought down the garage door. We checked three hours later and the garage was sufficiently warm and smelly and the arrangements were finally starting to dry properly. We left the space heater on and by the next morning, they had finished drying, so we turned off the heater and aired them, and opened the garage door for a while. By the wedding the arrangements had no smell to them at all, but I still thought that they were ugly decorations, but I did not say anything.

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the dinner place has a cute heater

When my friend suggested we go up to the mountains and see the snow I had my doubts about whether it was worth it. I still said yes. I live in the southwest and we don’t get snow down at lower altitudes; only in the mountains. It was winter, so there was indeed snow at the top. We decided to just check things out up there. All we were wearing were jeans and a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. We did not think to bring hats, gloves, scarves or heavy jackets. Still, we made the two-hour drive up to the little resort town, in the snow, at the top of the mountain. We didn’t realize how cold the mountain tops can be until we stopped for lunch at a little restaurant on the way up there. It was ice cold as soon as we opened the car doors so we rushed inside the restaurant. There, we were greeted by a warming fire. The inside of the restaurant was made to appear like a log cabin. The walls were horizontally stacked logs, the tables and chairs were carved out of logs and had a natural look to them, and then there was the big fireplace. I couldn’t tell if the fireplace was letting off all of that cozy warmth or if there was a heater as well. I just know we asked for a table as close to the fireplace as possible. We finished our meals and went back outside. We browsed a few other little stores and places but mostly saw the pretty snow from our heated car. We were not dressed to really play in the snow.

gas heater device

the parade and good heating

    A parade was happening in the south and I was watching it.  It was a Christmas parade, so I was waiting to see snow. I live in the northeast where most Christmases will find us inside the house, trying to keep warm.  I can’t imagine myself as the people who are in the Thanksgiving Day parade in NY City. I’ve been there over Thanksgiving plus there is consistently a chilly breeze that blows along the streets.  It has to be brutally frosty on those floats, with some of the flimsy outfits they wear, yet almost everyone is consistently smiling.

               I wonder if their smiles are frozen in place.  Then you see the decorations blowing on the floats.  I begin to wonder how much of that is due to the wind in the street or the oil heating systems that are cleverly hidden in all of the flotsam that flows along the float.  I prefer to stay home, where I have the heat blowing from the air vents. After experiencing the parade up close plus personal, I know it is just as nice on the television.

                  If I get cold, I don’t have to huddle in a coat.I simply turn up the temperature control.  I can get up plus get a drink whenever I want. I don’t have to worry about using half of my paycheck for parking.  I’ll stay home plus watch the parade in the comfort and heat of my home. I can hear the oil furnace running, plus if I doze off, that’s okay too.  They’ll entirely have the same floats plus balloons next year.

The gross HVAC unit

The grocery store in my neighborhood is easily the dirtiest grocer in the world. How the store passes the health inspection every year, I have no clue… The floor have a permanent layer of grime on it. The walls are stained with rust. The canned and boxed goods all have a dirt layer on the top of them. If you shop there, expect slightly stained hands by the end of it. The worst is the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component for the store. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component is mounted in the corner of a single of the walls. That corner has never been cleaned as far as I am worried. There are tons of cobwebs all around the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component. The vents in the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component have dust and dirt in them. The dust has accrued so much that the whole unit looks black. At one time, I am pretty sure the heating and cooling system was colorless and grey. Today, it looks as though it is the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit for a haunted house. I can’t even imagine how gross the air quality is in the store. How does this Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit function as well? I have learned and heard about Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair! Apparently at least once a year the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit needs to be cleaned. No way has that store Heating, Ventilation, and A/C been officially diagnosed. It works fine too. As far as I know, there has never been a problem with it. I bet they don’t even do air filter changes either. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C in the grocery store is either genuinely indestructible or Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair is not as necessary as I’ve been lead to believe.

HVAC equipment

Heavy heating for christmas

Christmas is our absolute least favorite time of year– I just can’t stand the whole thing. Around 6 am, I have to begin the day, since our ladies are gleeful for presents. I then have to hurry up plus make dinner for my parents who come over. I then get to clean up the dinner, wrapping paper plus entertain that whole afternoon. I then get the ladies ready since both of us go to our hubby’s parents for dinner at 5. But his parents’ beach house is horrible! Their beach house is around 90 degrees in there. Both of us have around 30 people congested into a tiny beach house too cramped for the event. The oven plus the gas furnace are a horrible combination with this as well. Since I am a lady, I am shackled to the kitchen. I spend that whole time cooking, cleaning plus perspiring. Would it kill my mother in law to turn off the heater? With the oven on plus everybody moving around, no heating would be welcome. I catch my brother in law every year opening windows plus the front door. The outdoor ice plus snow are really welcome. I believe the reason our mother in law runs the heating system is because she has free gas. Why not run the gas heater? The beach house turns into a little sauna in there the whole evening. One of these years I will either wear a swimsuit or bring portable A/Cs to the event. Or I could just stay at the apartment and have wine by myself in our clean home. I would love that a lot more actually.

electric heating

City air conditions

In a spur of the moment trip, I made a choice to ditch my pricey apartment in the neighborhood & transfer down south to live in a small boathouse far from all of the noise & bustle that a neighborhood life brings! Over time, the wear & tear of the rat race at my job was too much to handle I wanted to go somewhere where I could just get away from it all & I know that i have found it, and most people would tend to guess that because I am living on much less than before, that my comfort level would plummet, and that has not been the case but… In fact, I have been living good on this houseboat. The heating & cooling equipment is undoubtedly old but it still does the job, then due to the moisture in the air I have to be consistent with cleaning out the cooling air ducts, but other than that it runs undoubtedly smooth. There is also tons of space on the houseboat for myself and others to transfer around. In my old apartment, I always felt trapped with all of my big appliances care about my bed, sofa, air conditioner, gas oil furnace, etc, however here but, there is far less of all that stuff so I simply know more free. I also have full time access to the ocean so if I know care about I need to use the restroom, I have the entire ocean at my disposal. I’m sure my parents are still anxious but they actually shouldn’t be. I have heating & cooling, a comfy bed, & a appealing view, what else could a guy ask for?

heating and cooling

Told me to lower the a/c

I’ve always thought that when I got a task after I finished university, it would be so cool and an overall fun experience–I don’t know if I am silly or stupid for that. Perhaps I watch a little too much cable or just started romanticising it, because that has not turned out to be the case. Now that I am working at this insurance company, I am consistently inside in an office that is much too small for all the people who work there. To make matters worse, it is also consistently set at sixty five degrees at all times in the office, so myself and all of my work buddies are frigid. I have tried to turn down the air conditioner device while I was on my long break once, but then I got a stern warning of disciplinary action from our boss. I was told that I got caught messing with the air cooling device ever again, that the insurance company would dock my pay. He was so mad you would have thought that I had lost a major client, not just turned up the air conditioner by a few degrees! Over the past few weeks I have resorted to wearing a sweatshirt and  fingerless gloves when I am in our office in an effort to try and stay warm. I suppose I will have to start looking for another line of work if my boss ends up having a problem with me doing this too. I’m not asking for much, I just recognize that all employees are entitled to at least some proper heating and cooling. I sure do miss my days at university.

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A multi split install


   I am now in the middle of completing the remodeling of a triplex that I acquired in an estate I am examining my options for the final stages and  it is now time for the heating and cooling component for the house. So with the guidance of our Heating and Air Conditioning professional, we have decided to install a multi-split AC in our investment.  That way, each indoor unit can be used independently of the other, providing individual temperature control.

              The multi-split AC will give air comfort where cooling or heat is needed.  The multi-split HVAC also installs where space is limited, like in multi-family housing.  This Heating and Air Conditioning system, being a multi-split method, connects each indoor unit to only one outdoor Heating and Air Conditioning compressor.  This Heating and Air Conditioning technology saves us space the limited space in the backyard. The multi-split AC also installs simply and to any building with no air duct needed.  Each tenant will have their own temperature control to maintain their favorite temperature control in their individual residing space, creating a pleasant environment for all the families that will be calling our triplex, home.  

             Since my late aunt willed this old investment to me, I suppose these replacements will make her undoubtedly happy.  She would have enjoyed having his own a/c and heating with his own remote controlled temperature control. I will have the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation come by on a frequent basis to maintain the heating and cooling component so our tenants remain happy.  However, I will come by monthly to change the air filter, and to collect the rent check!

Information on heated floors

   There is an increasing demand for radiant heating, here in the Northeast, encouraging me and my company to better understand radiant heating for our purchasers.  I am the advertising manager for a small construction company and I watch for all types of trends that will enhance our income.… Consumers are very interested in underfloor heating, driving the need for more radiant flooring upgrades.  As the need for sustainable oil furnaces continue to grow, more and more consumers are becoming aware of radiant heating options.

            Now, we are working with local Heating, Ventilation and A/C companies.  We want to install the radiant oil furnaces for those purchasers who need more heat and a modern floor. I have a customer who is tired of the same, very cold tiles that have been in his apartment for over 30 years.  Now he is ready for a change. Since he requires both more heat and a modern floor, we will be installing radiant heating in his older apartment… His building uses boilers to send hot water throughout the building, so radiant heat would be a fantastic fit.

          The hot water will be flowing through tubes, located under the flooring.  With radiant heat, the hot water travels throughout the tubes, heating up the room, from the bottom up.  The radiant heating technology can even go up the walls, heating everything it touches. Radiant heat will not only heat your feet, but everything else.  During winter, we want our heat on our bodies, not up in the air after coming through the air conditioning and heating vents.

radiant floors

Ducts are some trouble

Owning ductwork is nothing but a pain, but you either are dealing with duct cleaning or ductwork sealing, then the ductworks are said not get dirty that often. You can wait every 5-7 years if you want, but however, if you forget to cover the ductworks for the increasing seasons or do a beach house project & don’t cover them, they get dirty, but i always seem to have dirty Heating & A/C ducts. If they are dirty, than the air quality suffers. The beach house occupants sneeze, cough & get sick with gross ductworks. The polluted air quality can only be fixed with proper ductwork cleaning or the replacement of an media air cleaner. The air cleaner could job right with the Heating & A/C device to clean out the dirty air… But, who wants to buy a whole modern method unless it is dire? So once a year I usually end up getting ductwork cleaning. Here is some fineprint though; Most of the time Heating & A/C servicemans disfigure the ductworks while cleaning them the scrubbing plan frequently is too serious. The bad ductworks can tears in the leak or just suffer from a plain old crack. The leak then causes the heating & cooling to leak right out of the home. This makes your Heating & A/C run harder & the bills to go up. Then you have to call that same Heating & A/C company to come in & patch that leak. How accurate can they be when the ductworks are so tightly sealed away? You never certainly believe if they do the job right or not.

duct cleaning

Leaving the thermostat on all of the time

Because I do so much traveling, I suppose I am going to get a smart temperature control… I actually need the temperature control thermostat because I am always forgetting about our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C. I will pack up for my trip and then simply leave the house, then you need to know about your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C before you go someplace for an long stage of time, frequently, in the Winter, I will leave the gas furnace on high when I go off. For over 3 weeks our home is heated way more than it should… My bills are super high, and our home is burning hot for no reason. I can’t just simply turn off the gas furnace before I go and leave though. If I left for a month with no heating, the pipes could freeze! Low heating mode would not go right either though. If an abrupt heat wave happens, the home would be sweltering hot, then a cold front would make it the opposite. Anytime I forget the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C, the smart temperature control thermostat has our back. Also, I can adjust the gas furnace everyday I am gone. I can check the weather outside and adjust the gas furnace accordingly. If I could blast comes in, the gas furnace can go up. If the weather picks up, the gas furnace can turn off, but the smart temperature control thermostat allows this since it will hook directly to our phone. It doesn’t cost much to install and saves a ton in bills overtime. I actually need to get on this wonderful purchase ASAP.

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She did not clean the HVAC

My bestie Veronica and I recently moved into a new apartment. We did not bother to get the electric, plumbing or Heating plus Air Conditioning checked because the landlord said it was. We just moved in our stuff plus began living, quickly we realized the property owner fibbed on the Heating and Air Conditioning being maintained. After a week of living there Veronica and me couldn’t deal with the cooling. The air conditioning was just pathetic in our place. All of us tried closing all the doors in the house. All of us tried shutting the blinds. All of us even put ice in front of the air vents. After all of this, my bestie and I went online and found HVAC troubleshooting tips. All of us then realized what our issue was. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning system was severely dirty and having trouble giving us any AC. Veronica changed our air filter that was coated with pounds of dust. I then took the Heating as well as Air Conditioning apart and shoved my vacuum hose in it. I got all the gunk and dust out of the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. I scrubbed it from top to bottom. After everything was cleaned and replaced, our Heating and Air Conditioning worked like new. The property owner should have gotten a Heating and Air Conditioning worker to do this before every single one of us moved in. They totally lied. Veronica and I are distraught about other things in our apartment now. It’s bad.

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A small little a/c unit

All I wanted to buy was a little window air conditioner for my room; I wanted some form of air conditioning in the Summer, however my city does not get too hot & my home is not equipped with air conditioner, and since I am going through menopause stage, I want a little extra cooling. I decided not to go to a hardware store or contact an air conditioner business. I just wanted to buy the A/C online at a website, have it shipped to my home & install it that afternoon. It seemed the easiest & best method for me, then well, apparently I am not a smart online shopper. I did not read the reviews on the cooling devices or look at any features on it. I went online, found a cheap portable A/C unit & bought it. I was shocked at how much cheaper the unit was that I bought, but after the cooling system arrived in the mail, I realized why, because the portable cooling unit must be made for Barbie & Ken dolls. The air conditioner is so tiny that I can hold it comfortably in 1 hand. The picture online makes the air conditioner look about the size of a microwave. If you read the details though, dimensions are listed for it. Also, I found reviews online of people complaining about how little it was, however now, I am stuck with a baby sized cooling unit. It works alright, but obviously it is not the best size for my room. I still sweat to death every evening. I also have to put the A/C right on my end table since it would not be face height otherwise. I learned a lesson.

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Want to work in HVAC

When I was going to university last fall, I was finishing up my masters degree & feeling as if I was on the cusp of being disoriented, but i knew I could tackle a few certifications from this point, & also could continue on to receive a bachelors, although I just didn’t know what to choose! Scared I might begin to lose momentum with our education, I reached out to a few friends & classmates about my situation, hoping to find some sage wisdom from someone more old than I was… They commanded pursuing a trade skill while I tried to figure out what to do for my four-year degree, so I decided to take on a certification program in heating, ventilation, a/c & refrigeration service. It was a brief program designed to get me certified, effectively trained & ready to enter the workforce as an Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman. They weren’t kidding about the accelerated program it was, as our classes were more condensed than the refrigerant line of an a/c! I was thankful for the rapid quick rate of the program though, as I was able to complete our certification suddenly & find job as a repair serviceman fairly suddenly. To my benefit, there is still a shortage of skilled trade workers that can handle heating & a/c repairs! As of today, I’ve been in the field earning more experience for 5 weeks now. I can honestly say that this was the best work decision I’ve made since graduating from high school! I savor the challenges each task & service call brings, & I believe I’m contributing a highly valued service to our town.

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Fishy smell in the air quality

The other week, I had to head up to the bait and tackle shop, but when I walked into the shop, I noticed that the store smelled much cleaner than usual! This was a surprising welcome change from the usual foul fish smell that always lingered in this place. When I asked the person in there about it, he smiled, saying that the air purification system must’ve been working at last! I had no clue what he was talking about, so I pressed him to elaborate, however it would seem that the same technology used in hospitals, clinics and grocery markets is now available for any supplier – and individual – to install and use in their own corporations or homes; That technology, of course, is a whole-home air purifier! Used primarily to sterilize the air as it circulates through a home or businesses’ air conditioner system, the air purification unit uses ultraviolet rays (the same ones that can damage your skin and cause sunburns) to eradicate airborne toxins and pollutants, how cool is that? Also, the plan can also kill off smells, and their source, with continuous use of the media air cleaner. I could tell the shop guy was over the moon about this, as the fishy smell that always co-existed with this shop drove off many customers that couldn’t stand the scent. It really helped to encourage me to stick around in the shop for a while longer; After all, how else would I think all this information about the media air cleaner they’re using in the shop? But seeing how effective that air purification system was entirely got me interested in getting one for my own home. If it can remove the smell of fish, surely it can make everything fresh as flowers!

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Cabin stay was cold

My partner Becky and I went on a romantic getaway for our 5 year anniversary; we chose to go up in the north and rent a small cabin in the woods. Being in a southern neighborhood our whole lives, it was quite a change for us. The website boasted how all of us would get an authentic cabin-in-the-woods experience. The place’s website was true, unfortunately.  At least when we arrived, Becky and I enjoyed the cabin… It was rustic, tiny and totally surrounded by trees. The snow covered the whole forest and surrounding area and made it almost look magical. Well, the snow was not magical after a few hours, it was just insanely cold. The trees that surrounded the log cabin made it completely shaded. With no afternoon sunlight coming in the windows, the home was freezing from dawn to dusk. To make matters worse, our heating plan was just a wood burning fireplace. The people stocked up the home with wood for us. Becky and I were supposed to simply put wood on the fire to keep the heating on! Since Becky and I were so insanely cold at first, we unknowingly piled the wood on non stop… For an hour or two, we had quality heating. The fire made a ton of soot, smoke and it stunk pretty bad. But, Becky and I were not too picky since we just wanted some heating. Well, wood burns shockingly fast we learned. Becky and I went through our woodpile super quick and I ended up having to figure out how to chop wood. Since it was covered in snow though, neither of us could use our oil furnace until it dried. The whole experience was authentic but a super freezing and unpleasant one. Becky and I will never be going back.

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Heavy heat pump install

Installing a geothermal heating, ventilation, as well as A/C plan is super luxurious. I wish I would have looked into the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C installation a little more closely. Usually you have a heating, ventilation, as well as A/C corporation come into your home, hook a few things up, as well as leave in a couple of hours.  With a heat pump system, there is an indoor as well as outdoor component, but the components need to be within 50 feet of each other. This allows the piping, wiring, as well as the heating/cooling function to work. The set up of this plan is way harder as well as more involved too. With regular heat pumps, the outdoor component can just be set up in the yard, and easy, simple as well as only a couple of minutes to do. With a geothermal heat pump, the outdoor component is buried under the grass. The reason the heat pump is geothermal is it takes the existing heat energy below the ground. This is absolutely smart. During the winter, the air quality outdoor is not that hot. Under the chilly ground though, it is a bit warmer. The reverse happens in the summer. The afternoon light makes the outdoor air hot, however under the ground in the shade is cool.  A geothermal heating, ventilation, as well as A/C system is way cleaner, more efficient as well as smarter, but, burying that outdoor component is super pricey! Not every heating, ventilation, as well as A/C corporation is capable of burying it too, so sometimes it is necessary to hire an outside corporation to dig up the lawn, the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C guy installs it leaving the other corporation to bury it again. It ends up being twice as expensive as well as entirely messy. But in the end, it is worth it.

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Issue with the smart thermostat

I am not technology savvy in slightest! I sort of hate anything that is new or modern on the market! My kids love to get me the newest gadget that I can’t work as well as hate within in a week. Just last month, they replaced our basic desktop computer to a brand new netbook PC. I can hardly work the computer as well as frequently just use it as a coaster or paper weight. I hate that I lost our dependable flip cell phone as well as having an iphone in place of it now. I hate doing the replacements and upgrades to it. I also forget what our code was to open the cellphone up and access it. The newest gadget is that our kids replaced our old school dial thermostat with a smart thermostat. I enjoyed our outdated climate control device. I simply moved it up as well as down. If I wanted heating, just turn the thermostat up. If I wanted cooling, I turned it down instead; however now with the smart thermostat, I can’t control anything! Apparently our computer as well as cell phone can work the thermostat. I have yet to figure this out though and can’t imagine I ever will. Also, the thermostat knows when I am in the home as well as not. Anytime I am home, the thermostat tells our heating, ventilation, as well as A/C component to turn on, so I will always have air conditioner or heating when I am home and indoors. Sometimes I am comfortable or I just want to save money on my next bill. I don’t always want to have heating, ventilation, as well as A/C, and when I leave the house, I would like the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C to stay on for our plants as well as fish. Nope, the thermostat tells the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C unit to power down. I can’t seem to fix this feature either. I miss our outdated dial thermostat. It never refused our commands.

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Losing heating in the house

My condo is not the easiest of the modern homes to keep moderate or cool.  Every one of us thought originally that it was a fairly modern build when we bought it.  It was only about twenty years or so seasoned according to the deed. Somewhere along the line, the build date had been drastically changed, or misread.  It was nearly fifty years old, plus the seasoned owners had actually gone back and make a lot of additions to the house. The back many kitchens were only fifteen or twenty years old, plus neither a single had any insulation in them.  The living room plus the existing mudroom had only been added about 1.5 years prior to us moving in. When the living room was built on, I guess it didn’t have any subflooring put down, plus nobody thought to say anything. The room had no crawl area installed beneath it.  The room is built on rock plus the boards were located right directly on the rock. The flooring was located on the boards. I wondered how exactly it had been took care of, but I soon found out that since it was so rural, apparently there weren’t any building permits or inspection.  I started to have a major ant concern suddenly plus I had freezing feet all of the time. The main thermostat was in that room in particular. Since the heating vents were against the outside wall, as was the central thermostat, the furnace was running all of the time. My husband began to check out the volumes of insulation, plus that’s when we figured out what exactly was going on with the room.  Every one of us have since changed some of the flooring out for ourselves plus added another layer beneath the main floors plus a lot of insulation to the walls. It’s made a big difference however that room is still tough to heat.

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Poor indoor air conditions

A modern Diner just recently  opened in town, plus all of my friends have been raving about the quality of the food. I have heard several rave reviews about the double bacon burgers. My husbandy plus finally I decided to go to the diner last Sunday night, after the football game was done and completed. It was around 10 at night, when the two of us Barrel through the doors with an appetite. My husbandy plus I were instantly seated towards the back of the quiet restaurant. Every one of us were offered a few plastic menus plus given water instantly. Every one of us didn’t see a waitress for many minutes after that exchange. Every one of us started to look over the menu, searching for the wonderful double bacon burger. I felt a few Water Drops Fall on my neck. It seemed a bit odd plus I thought I was going crazy. When I looked up, a few water drops fell right in my eyeball. Our table was directly positioned under an air vent. The air vent truly appeared to have a condensation build up. There were many visible tiny water bubbles all over the air vent. My husbandy plus I got ourselves up plus moved our table over a foot. The waitress saw us moving the rickety table, plus came over to make an inquiry. When the two of us explained the air vent was dripping and leaking, he apologized for the inconvenience. She went to fetch a restaurant manager, who came out to apologize for the leaking air vent. They quickly offered us onion rings plus mozzarella sticks for free. After the two of us moved our table, the air vent did not cause any more complications while I was in the night. It all worked out.

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A ductless mini split for our sun room

When my husbandy plus I were looking at houses together many years ago, the two of us were unquestionably intrigued buy a single in particular. It was wonderful because had a sizable sunroom that overlooked the forest. Every single of these window was made of glass, plus the two of us could stand in the room plus stare at the trees. When the two of us purchased the house, it was the middle of May. The outdoor air temperatures were Breezy plus cool, plus our glass room was comfortable every day. Once the two of us neared the Summer weeks, the indoor air quality immediately took a turn for the worse. With all of the glass windows, the two of us were honestly receiving a great deal of excess Heat. The sun room was not ducted to our existing central A/C unit. My husbandy plus I contacted plus A/C business down the road. Every one of us made an appointment to have an evaluation performed right here on our sun room. The A/C business came up with a few great ideas for us, including a ductless A/C unit. My husbandy plus I did not know much information on our own about a ductless A/C unit the business offered us a few informational pamphlet about the possibility of ductless A/C plus heating options. My husbandy plus I have a couple of mornings left to know about our options, but the ductless A/C unit seems love it would truly task out best. Even though it is more high-priced than a traditional window A/C unit, I know that at least it won’t detract from our  lovely views. It will be the perfect choice.

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Radiant flooring for our driveway

My husband has very recently come up with the new system that he thinks the people I was with and I should install radiant floor heating into the garage and also into our driveway.  I can just see our utility bills soaring with this particular venture. I will be okay if he insists on having the radiant heating in the garage. It would be very nice for him when he is out doing job on the car, while it is freezing outside.  I don’t like knowing that he might be sitting on a freezing freezing concrete floor while he is finally working. The radiant heated floor in the garage would keep him sizzling and cozy while he is finally working. I didn’t have many concerns when he said about having heat strips under the boards on the ramp the people I was with and I have.  I often distraught about being able to get our aged mother up and down the ramp when there was ice or frost on it. The heat strips saved a lot of excess worry for me, and I only needed to turn them on for an hour before the people I was with and I need to go anywhere. I didn’t even mind when he put heat strips beneath the concrete of the paving stones.  It was a enjoyable system for the safety of anyone walking on the sidewalk that led from the front porch to the car. The heat was turned on when it was icy and the people I was with and I didn’t need to worry a lot about slipping on the ice. Heat in the driveway is where I will draw the line. I don’t think the people I was with and I need the driveway de-iced this way.  The radiant heated floor was made to keep floors sizzling and not to keep a driveway warm. This is just not going to happen.

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Need a/c for the movie

Late Last evening, I was delighted to see the original Jungle Book from Walt Disney.  I remember how much fun it was to watch back when I was a wee kid. I still found a lot of enjoyment in it, over thirty years later.  I started to laugh when our lovely granddaughter just looked up at me and asked why he didn’t have any shoes on. She told me that his mommy wouldn’t let his go outside without wearing shoes.  She would step on bees or ants that would hurt his feet. She told me that rocks hurt when you didn’t have any shoes on. She was devastated that the boy was homeless and residing in a tree. She cried out loud when the snake tried to hypnotize Mowgli so he could have him for his lunch.  Then he looked to me and quite seriously asked, how he stayed awake when it was so hot. I just stared down at her. She mommy told his that the only way to stay awake and comfortable was with a/c. She vowed that he would never live where there wasn’t any a/c. I asked what he would do if he ever lived where it snowed all the time.  She said he still had to have a/c that gave heat. I told her that maybe someday he would have to live where it was regularly cold. She just shook his head a asked me. She told me that if he had to live where he couldn’t have any a/c, then it wouldn’t be residing. She is only 3, even though he sounds just the same as his mother. She says he can’t live without a/c.

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Great a/c for the cook

I work as a line cook, and it all I do for a living. I would enjoy to be a chef someday, now working something lovely plus very fancy, but for just right now I am cooking up burgers, fries, plus cheap steaks for the hungry supper crowd. It is not really the best task in the world, even though I enjoy to cook so it could be considerably worse. I am slowly saving up the money to send myself to culinary school, so I can make that big jump up from “cook” to being a “chef” because there is a massive pay differential between them. Now I have started doubting our choices plus thinking maybe I should instead head into Heating plus Air Conditioning repair instead. A few weeks ago there were some big ventilation problems in the family room where I work. It is always hot back there, because the AC simply can’t compete with the intense heating generated by the ovens plus cooking surfaces. Temperatures I can handle, but when the range hoods don’t task officially then the smoke plus greasy odors don’t get vented out through the air ducts. A lack of proper ventilation in a diner’s kitchen can quickly turn dangerous, so our bosses called in an Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation to come and check everything out. The people I was with and I shut down the family room for a couple of hours so the Heating plus Air Conditioning workers could do their things, plus later that honestly day both of us were up plus cooking again! They did a great work, plus the air ventilation was better than it ever had been before. Then I saw their bill, plus now that I actually see how much Heating plus Air Conditioning workers can make, I don’t want to cook food any more!

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The a/c unit grinds and churns

When I first moved into this house, it needed a whole lot of work. Being a natural cheapskate from birth, I wanted to avoid paying for a supplier if at all possible. Contractors charge a lot, plus their timetables are often times not matching up to our own personal timetable. If I wanted something to be done quickly plus cheaply, I had to do it myself. I am a pretty handy fellow, plus most of the repairs were quick plus super easy. One thing that entirely bothered me, plus continues to bother me even to this afternoon, is that the central heating plus cooling proposal in this old house. I am not too skilled with Heating plus Air Conditioning repair even though I suppose a little bit about services plus the upkeep, plus I thought that would be enough. It took a few days, but then both of us heard something — a soft metallic grinding noise coming from deep within the air duct, but whenever our AC was running, I could always hear this faint yet disconcerting sound coming from any and all of the air ducts. I checked all the unusual air vents, plus no matter where I was in the home I heard that very same noise! Although it was honestly quiet, once I heard it I could not stop hearing it, so finally I switched the A/C off completely to provide myself a break. Much enjoy the beating of the vengeful heart in that old horror story by Edgar Allan Poe, our A/C was slowly driving me slowly insane! At long last, plus with a heavy heart, I finally called an Heating plus Air Conditioning workers in for some help.

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Cooling for when we game


Like most little kids, our kid likes to play video games. He gets up super early in the day before anyone else is even awake just so that he can get on the cable and get some extra playing time in before his siblings wake up. It’s highly unusual to me, since I never cared about video games, but he has this one game where he has to get up and move around while he’s playing it. It’s a virtual reality game where he has to run, jump, duck and roll in real life while he’s connected to the sensors on the gaming system. It’s kind of cool, since at least he’s getting some exercise while he’s playing video games, but the terrible thing is that he gets so sizzling hot while he’s playing that his body heat genuinely starts heating up the entire room! It feels almost like he’s got a gas furnace running in the cable room when he’s playing! And so usually I end up turning the temperature control down various degrees just to make the temperature in the home more comfortable. And then if I don’t adjust the temperature control, he will begin complaining about how sizzling hot it is in the house and how we should turn on the a/c. I tell him that he’s funny – that he can get sweaty and hot and need the a/c just from playing video games, but he never wants to mow the yard or take out the trash because he’s afraid that he will get too warm and have to cool off in the A/C.  

A small humidity issues

The last few weeks have been miserable for me. I have been sick in addition to  exhausted, in addition to I am exhausted of feeling sick in addition to exhausted. I finally thought I would go to my doctor. My nose has been bleeding in the mornings, in addition to our throat is itchy in addition to aching, then even though my doctor says I do not have the flu, I have multiple symptoms that are just like the flu. My doctor thought I was suffering from a lack of moisture in the air. I was not so sure. I had real symptoms, in addition to I did not know dry air would be the reason for my misery. The doctor has a humidifier in his office, in addition to tried to describe the advantages of a humidifier. The humidifier did not look similar to anything from our childhood. It looked love a technological Gadget that would break quickly. The medical professional gave me a coupon for a discounted price on a new humidifier. He was entirely working in conjunction with a pharmacy down the street, in addition to 50% off seemed like a good deal. I decided to take my doctor’s advice in addition to went out and got myself a humidifier the same day. I took it in in addition to set up the humidifier as directed on the instructions. I let the humidifier run for quite a while with the door closed. The medical professional told me I should place a few drops of essential oils in the humidifier. Since I have a good deal of trouble getting to sleep, he advocated a nice blend of rosewater in addition to Eucalyptus. I have been sleeping with the humidifier running for a few days, in addition to I have noticed vast improvement. I love the aroma of rosewater in addition to Eucalyptus in the air, but I don’t feel that much better. I do not know if the humidifier will be the answer to all of our troubles, so I’m cheerful I did not pay full price but hopeful it will continue to help me more and more.

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AC making odd sounds

There are numerous sizable walnut trees in our backyard. When the kids were little, the two of us concocted a treehome in the backyard between those walnut trees. As the trees have grown, the amount of walnuts has doubled in addition to tripled. The people I was with and I can’t keep up with the amount of those walnuts falling on our home. To make matters worse, the squirrels have been paying attention to the abundance of nuts in our trees.All day long ,we hear them running across the home with the walnut shells. Once they finish with the walnut, the drop the shell casing on the ground, then unfortunately, they seem to have a ball dropping the sizable nuggets on top of the undefined condenser. Those walnut shells hit the undefined condenser with a unquestionably loud bang. It almost sounds love a  branch falling on the roof, with a metallic clank as well. I keep weird hours and sleep during the day, because I task all night. Most of the day I have to put up with the sound of squirrels running across the roof. After that, I hear the grating sound of those shell casing hitting the undefined condenser. I barely get any rest, especially on sunny days. Those squirrels run like crazy on sunny days in addition to clear skies. I can’t wait for the nut harvest to end. The falling nuts have been hell on the undefined condenser in addition to I’m really a bit worried they might be causing destruction to the unit… Next time I have the annual undefined tune-up, I will have the HVAC company check on the shells. If the walnut shells are causing destruction to the undefined, I might get rid of the trees completely.

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The a/c with solar energy

I have truly always wanted to see the world, even though I never thought it was something that was in my reach… With the extremely high cost of living, travelling even across the country, I call my home, seemed impossible. Ever since I’ve gone minimalist though, I’ve been able to go anywhere I want without even having to guess about it. I now don’t have to ask for time off of work, I don’t have to worry about getting someone to watch my house and look after my cat. As is though, going minimalist is not for everyone, especially not for the extent that I have. While some people go minimalist just to have clear spaces and more peace of mind, I got rid of about eighty percent of what I owned; This was so I could live comfortably in a converted bus. Though on the outside it just appears a normal bus, with a pretty paint task, the inside is a gorgeous and cozy similar to a one bedroom house. The key to keeping it comfy is awesome HVAC. When I bought the rig, because its cheaper than building a tiny house, I used that savings to buy a ductless mini break HVAC unit. I had my method installed on the roof, with a programmable digital temperature control by the driver seat. This particular HVAC method is able to supply both heating and cooling no matter where I happen to go. It needs no fuel other than electricity. With the help of my awesome HVAC corporation, I was able to hook my ductless mini break to the solar panels I also installed on the roof. As is, I can go anywhere I want, without ever having to worry about hooking up the bus somewhere to have electricity or running water.

HVAC expert

He needs to learn about HVAC

I thought that after owning an apartment building for over twenty plus years, you would truly know quite a bit about it. When I lived in the same apartment for over three years, I figured out the little trick to fixing the toilet and getting my dishwasher to work without having to bother my overworked landlord! as it turns out though, the guy who owns the apartment I’m renting is actually clueless. I am sure that’s why my roommates and I were able to rent it without much hassle, because this guy is just that impossible to work with! When I was getting the Christmas decorations out of the basement storage area, I walked by the oil furnace. At first, I just wanted to check the oil oil furnace tank and see if it was in good shape, as I’m not used to having to fill up my heater. So then, when I do, I try to provide it a look anytime I’m close to it. Well, this time I noticed a little card hanging off 1 of the pipes. It looked as though it were a Borders card, which is not far off. It’s actually a service card so different Heating, Ventilation, and A/C businesses can know what work has been done to the oil furnace and when. Well, the last date is for a tune-up and duct cleaning from over five years ago! I also spotted a plate on the side of the furnace that says when it was inspected upon being made, which is from 23 years ago. Not only does the oil furnace need repair, it is so old it’s a miracle that it hasn’t died. I called my landlord, and he says the boiler has run this long without problem, so it must be fine. I’m truly starting to hope this oil furnace does die in the middle of winter, just so I can watch him pay a ludicrously pricey replacement bill.


A temperature control plan

It was finally that time, my wife was having contractions! We were able to get into a labor room relatively quickly after rushing to the hospital. However the thing that bothered myself and my wife when we went inside was the fact that it was really frigid in there. When I asked the doctor about the temperature control settings, he said he was not allowed to change the temperature control settings because of policy. Screaming, my wife told him to screw the policy and to turn the heat up if he didn’t want holy hell from her. I think that my wife genuinely scared the doctor because he listened and cranked the furnace up. It wasn’t long ber it was much more comfortable inside the labor room. When we had our daughter, it was such a life-adjusting moment. I was so ecstatic everything was just right, especially with the climate control system. I would have been miserable towards those doctors if they didn’t make our room comfortable with the HVAC system. Is it too much to ask not to freeze to death while bringing your child into the world? I don’t think so! I have no clue who came up with the policy to freeze the birthing moms, however that is a horribly stupid policy! I can’t imagine that they are able to get away with keeping the rooms chilly all of the time. If someone were to get sick or heaven forbid, a child die from being too frigid in the hospital, that could be a sizable lawsuit for them. I can understand wanting to prevent spreading germs in other wings of the hospital, however it’s just not right when the moms are giving birth for them to be incredibly cold and uncomfortable.

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Temperature control and traveling

Recently when I had to fly to the southern part the nation for a business trip, I was really disappointed with the experience… However the company allowed me ride first class. Unfortunately, the airline was one that I have never traveled with before. The air quality in the plane was what really bothered me the most; it felt incredibly uncomfortable! When I asked the flight attendant about the temperature control settings on the plane, they said all I could do was adjust the temperature control at my seat. This didn’t help me at all! The best I could do was get a little but of moderate air blowing, yet it was terribly stuffy on the flight. I wished that there was better ventilation–there were all kinds of funky smells. It truly bothered me; I swore that I could smell the bathrooms pretty strongly.. I couldn’t wait to get off that plane business aspect of the trip went even better than we had anticipated, and our hotel was fine. It was just that flight that was so awful. The company had me schedules to fly back via that same airline. Even though it was a free expense, I purchased a new ticket out of pocket with an airline that I knew had proper temperature control on their jetliners. The flight back to my apartment was excellent, just as I expected from this particular airline. I swore that I would never fly with that other airline ever again with their terrible temperature control on their planes. I need to be comfortable when traveling!

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Checking the HVAC equipment

When I started attending law school, I entirely got a nice little lake side apartment of my own. Then when my mom was visiting as well as checking everything out, she said that the air quality in my lakeview apartment was awful. The place had me so blissful at the time that the thought never occurred to me. When I thought about it, my mom was right–it was kind of humid as well as the lake apartment could have had a more pleasant smell. My mom said there were a few things that would help improve the air quality. I needed a media air cleaner along with a nice humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit! She was kind enough to buy those things for me; she wanted me to have them for years instead of them belonging to the lake complex property owner. But after setting them, she made me promise to call the property manager to have the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system maintenance taken care of. He did so right way! I had a Heating as well as Air Conditioning serviceman checking everything out before I even knew it. He gave my place a tune-up of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system; everything was working good after that. I am so glad my mom has been there for me when it comes to things such as this. If it weren’t for my mom, I’m not sure I would have ever made it to this incredible law school I am attending. Then by improving the air quality in my lakeview apartment, it has made it a lot easier for myself and others to focus on our studies. I have been able to maintain an awesome GPA as well as I think that I will succeed in finding a nice career when I graduate from school.


Located the thermostat

When I moved into my condo, I was shocked at how close the climate control unit was to the stove… This actually became a complication because whenever I would be cooking, it affected the climate control unit. This caused the cooling method to task taxing to cool the condo down. So while the food prep space would be tolerable, the rest of the condo would be truly chilly! In order to get things right, I would have to make some changes… I decided that I needed to reinstall the climate control unit to an area that wouldn’t be affected/ When the heating and A/C professional came over, he was able to take care of this complication by moving the climate control unit to foyer where it meets the living room. This made a lot more sense for the climate control unit location. After having that taken care of, I have noticed that the condo absolutely has a far more comfortable and normal temperature. I mean the kitchen still gets kind of hot when I’m cooking, however it honestly isn’t as poor as it used to be. It’s good having a reliable heating and A/C company nearby that is able to handle any complications that my girlfriend and I have with our heating and cooling systems! It didn’t even cost a lot of money to have the temperature control unit moved. I expected the maintenance bill to be way more high-priced, however it honestly wasn’t that much money at all. I’ll absolutely be using this heating and A/C company in the future for all our maintenance and installation needs. I might even get us enrolled into some sort of heating and A/C method maintenance plan if the price is right! A fantastic neighbor of mine was telling us how beneficial heating and A/C method maintenance plans are.


Going up and up=energy bills

I was growing more and more worried when I first began noticing the energy bills becoming more valuable; I was unquestionably upset about what was going on with our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. I made the decision to contact a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company, and they said there could be a massive number of things wrong with the system, so they came over to check everything out. They found quite a few errors. They said the air filter was dirty, the HVAC duct needed to be resealed, and the system truly needed to be cleaned out, then so I agreed to let them take care of all this work. The most crucial thing was having the HVAC duct resealed because they had to reseal the whole system of HVAC duct, and when all this was taken care of I was truly impressed with how efficient the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system was, then cleaning out all the dirt plus debris alone was a significant improvement, but the HVAC duct being resealed did the most I assume because there were really no leaks plus zero energy waste. The bill for all of this job was a little bit expensive, although I was cheerful to pay for it because I knew I was going to be saving a lot of cash now, but eventually I would recover the majority of the cost of the repairs in savings alone plus I couldn’t be mad about that at all. Moving forward, I’m just going to keep track of all the repair, especially with decreasing out the air filter. I realize now that if I want to save money, I have to keep the Heating, Ventilation, clean the A/C and call the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company every so often for needed tune-ups.

Happy that we got radiant floors

Just the other weekend, my lovely sibling was calling myself and others telling myself and others about this major Heating, Ventilation & A/C replace he was getting, then he asked me if his family could hang out at our lake house for a week or so. My fiance plus I didn’t have a problem with that. He didn’t want to have to cover the cost of staying in a motel for a week and we were more than thrilled to have them for that amount of time. He was upgrading his heating idea to radiant radiant floors, but that involved tearing up the floors to install the piping under the floorboards. They would be able to hook up the pipes to a boiler idea which would allow heated water to flow under the floors. This would radiate heat evenly plus slowly causing the perfect heating for the household! I thought that sounded amazing and was a brilliant oil furnace. When the installation was complete, the people I was with and I decided to go to visit to see what all the drama was about with these radiant radiant floors. My fiance plus I were seriously impressed by the oil furnace. Our once cold feet were nice plus toasty plus even the air quality was fabulous. My sibling explained that was because there was no air blowing, and I was actually loving the fact that the heating idea was legitimately silent. I could get used to that type of heating idea in our life! My fiance finally agreed with myself and others so the people I was with and I decided that the people I was with and I wanted to have radiant radiant floors installed in our site also! So the people I was with and I asked our sibling if we would be able to stay over at his site for a week while the people I was with and I had our heated idea replaced. He of course was more than happy to let us stay plus was gleeful about us getting the replacement.

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Hard to care for the air conditioner

One of the most massive things I ever took on for improving our new home was the installation of new plumbing pipelines for our bathroom and shower. I couldn’t guess how much dirty task was involved in getting new pipes laid, and by the time I was done with the installation, I’d spent more and more time and cash than if I just outsourced the task to a professional plumbing team! Thankfully, I softened the costs of that disaster with a remarkably easy installation for our new heating and a/c! The brand new HVAC proposal was constructed to be as easy to install as possible, as it is ductless, and only composed of two main pieces.. I am of course referring to the ductless mini-chop system, which relies on an outdoor unit that heats or cools the outside air, and the indoor air handler, which takes in the treated air into the house and leaves it in the nearby area. The ductless nature of these mini-chop systems are a pro and a con, as they remove the dirt, bacteria and regular service needed to keep ductwork clean and clear. The downside, however, is that the absence of ductwork makes it challenging to circulate air throughout a more massive house, and for me, the ductless mini-chop was the perfect proposal for heating and cooling our small home! My house is similar to a studio apartment, as the home office, home office and living room are all one shared space. The washroom and home offices are of course separated, but with the rest of the house pretty much being one large room. I only need enough heating and air conditioner to keep that area cool or warm. The rest of the house will fall in line.

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The car has superior heating

My husband and I have just purchased a modern car, and with that modern automobile came an entry in this drawing that the automobile dealership was holding, then winners of the drawing would get tickets to go on a five cruise, and my husband and I thought it was a long shot for us to win, then imagine our faces when both of us were called by the dealership, and told that both of us won the drawing! We each were so shocked, both of us barely minded having to pay taxes for our tickets to claim them. When the morning came for departure, we then got on the cruise ship and instantaneously noticed how moderate it was aboard the ship. It was June, so both of us knew it was going to be super warm outside. We’d just hoped that it wouldn’t be too boiling inside. The two of us reMained hopeful and continued across the ship to locate our room, feeling the sun in the hallways all the way through the ship. When both of us arrived to our room, our fears had been boosted! The interior of our room was practically baking, as if there was a personal oil furnace just for that room and running at maximum level. The two of us didn’t even set our stuff down.  both of us turned right around, went right back up to the top level of the ship, and found the guest services desk.Over there, the attendant told us that the ship has a functional cooling plan – when the ship is docked, however, the unit goes into standby mode to conserve energy. The attendant assured us that the undefined unit in the ship were operational, and went as far as giving us their personal phone number to reach them if the room was still boiling while the ship was moving. I thought that was pretty bold. I gave his the benefit of a doubt and brought our stuff back to the room, sure enough, as the ship departed, I heard many different systems turning on. Suddenly, chilled air began flowing into our room and rendering the section much more comfortable. They must’ve had some smart temperature control systems running, because that undefined plan was right on queue with the ship’s take off.

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